Flyers Being Handed Out to Caravanners Spark Concern, from Both Sides of the Aisle

Liberals and media have depicted the migrant caravan as just a group of ‘asylum seekers’ looking for a better life in the United States. But what has often been left out of the description is what forces have been trying to influence them or helping them in their effort to get here.

One of the groups is the Detroit-faction of violent radical group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and they are handing out flyers inciting the migrants to march on the border.

From Daily Caller:

A University of Michigan student publication said in 2000: “BAMN repulses many students for a number of reasons: they inexplicably advocate violence, engage in angry rhetoric, and are organized by nothing less than ‘outside agitators’ — Detroit Trotskyites who clearly possess ulterior motives.”

In 2005, liberal magazine Mother Jones said “BAMN is a front organization for the Trotskyite Revolutionary Workers League … [T]hey probably aren’t the most strategic group to pick as a civil liberties poster child.”


In 2003, progressive populist and former Berkeley organizer Nathan Newman described his encounter with the group when trying to rally for affirmative action.

When the University of California Regents voted to end affirmative action in the university system, an incredibly vibrant, multiracial student-led group emerged called Diversity in Action. For the first time in a number of years, Berkeley would see mass political mobilization from across the campus, including eventually a 5,000-person rally on Sproul Plaza.

However, within weeks of forming, that broad-based student affirmative action group was under assault, not by the cops or the administration, but by a thuggish and violent band called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a grouplet created by a Detroit-based sect called the Revolutionary Workers League (RWL). The RWL had sent out a number of their leaders to create their BAMN front group, whose members proceeded not just to disrupt the student-led coalition meetings, but to physically assault the students, snatch the microphone from them at rallies, and bring their own megaphones to drown out their speakers.

In twenty years of political organizing, I have never seen such violent and thuggish behavior, a step beyond the worst sectarian acts I had ever imagined.

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Newman also described BAMN as a “violent sect” that “duped mainstream civil rights organizations.”

You may recall one of their spokespeople in California, Yvette Felarca, who was arrested for assault during a riot there.

BAMN has reportedly been agitating to get the migrants to march on the border and get all of them into the country. They claim they have people on the ground and that their organizers have gone to Mexico to make it happen.

A GoFundMe campaign called “Help the Caravan Cross the Border and Seek Asylum,” posted on Nov. 28, says:

For the past few weeks, BAMN organizers have been on the ground in Tijuana working with migrants in the caravan to help people be able to cross the border into the United States to seek asylum … We want to provide materials for signs and banners for the march to express the movement’s demands and solidarity. We are calling on everyone who can to come to Tijuana to help the caravan across the finish line into the U.S.

The fliers, which the Epoch Times observed in the migrant camp, say “the US is greatly responsible for the conditions in our countries and that the US government supports the people whose repression has forced us to leave. We are under enormous pressure to present ourselves in the most respectful and non-threatening manner. To say that we are not criminals, or ‘troublemakers.’”

But the other groups on the ground who are helping the migrants are not happy with BAMN and their efforts to incite the migrants.

Similarly, a group that has played a larger role organizing the caravan, Al Otro Lado, which translates to “to the other side,” tweeted on Nov. 30: “BAMN is agitating the caravan to march on the border.”

They later figured out that BAMN is a typical radical leftist group – that it’s all about the cause trying to be against the government, no matter who gets hurt in the process.