Lacking Self-Awareness: Mainstream Media Makes Bush Funeral About Trump, Then Gets Mad Over It

Much of mainstream media is suffering from what conservatives have coined Trump Derangement Syndrome in that they will push anti-Trump stories for the sake of being anti-Trump. The syndrome has not only affected their bias, but their spin on nearly anything.

Take the funeral service for former President George H.W. Bush, for example.

As Twitchy reports, MSNBC pushed a narrative that the funeral was essentially a hit piece on President Trump. Anyone who watched the funeral service knows that was not the case and the service was a respectful, reflective, and even joyous remembrance of Bush, his legacy, his personal life, and his character. But, the mainstream media has a narrative to push.

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“If you ever start to wonder if Trump Derangement Syndrome is really a thing all you have to do is watch MSNBC for a few minutes and you’ll see firsthand that it’s indeed real,” Twitchy reported.

Their report included a video, uploaded by Free Beacon’s David Rutz, which showed an MSNBC panel (1) claim the funeral was about Trump, (2) get mad at Trump, (3) then blame Trump for making everything about himself.

“To sum up: MSNBC said the praise of Bush was a rebuke of Trump, hits Trump because he probably took all the praise of Bush as an insult, then got mad that he makes everything about himself, then said the funeral wasn’t about Trump,” Rutz said with the below video.

Here’s more on their coverage, from the Free Beacon:

A panel on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” engaged in a bizarre bit of logic on Wednesday while covering the funeral of former President George H. W. Bush in Washington, D.C., declaring in the same segment that the posthumous praise of Bush was an implicit rebuke of President Donald Trump, that Trump probably took it as criticism because of his narcissism, and that it was wrong for Trump to think everything was about him—before saying that the funeral was not about Trump.


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[Host Nicolle] Wallace asked historian Michael Beschloss, “Where are we as a country when you cannot praise NATO allies and character without rebuking the current leader of our country?”

“If someone had given a eulogy like that five years ago and praised NATO, we probably would have been nodding off, because what else would Mulroney do but praise NATO,” Beschloss said.

“Now it’s a headline,” Wallace declared.

“Now it’s a political act,” Beschloss said. “If someone says George H. W. Bush was modest, it’s a statement about Donald Trump, or taken to be … I guarantee you that Donald Trump, who is not exactly known for not seeing everything in his own terms, I’m sure he took those things as insults rather than just realizing that people were just saying what they were going to say.”

“It’s such an interesting point that you make, because there has not been an example since he emerged on the political stage of him being able to see anything as not about him,” Wallace said. “So this was a service that was not about him.”

“And the premise of being invited was that, at least for maybe two hours, you’d stop all this and it’s not about you and just take it in,” Beschloss added.

“And it really wasn’t about him, and you could completely ignore him,” columnist Eugene Robinson said. “All he could do was sort of sit there, and the rest of the program went on … I thought he was irrelevant.”


MSNBC was not alone in their claim about Trump being the jest of the funeral service (which again, he was not), as Politico Magazine claimed the funeral was about Trump.

“Bush’s Funeral Wasn’t About Trump. But Of Course It Was,” a headline from the magazine read.


From the report:

The service was replete with praise for the 41st president that could, with just the slightest nudge of interpretation, be heard as implied rebuke of the 45th president. But only implied, never explicit—this, unlike almost everything else in American politics today, was not about Donald Trump.

And yet it very much was. Speakers rhapsodized about Bush’s natural good cheer and optimism; his willingness to share credit and accept blame; his preference for self-deprecating humor; his gift for personal diplomacy; his loyalty to friends when they were down; his talent at assembling international coalitions; his mistrust of “unthinking partisanship”; his inaugural address in which he said that Americans must judge our lives by kindness to friends and neighbors rather than the pursuit of “a bigger car, a bigger bank account”; his commitment to truth and to living up to the obligations of a “gentleman.”

CNN was in on it too:

Leave it up to mainstream media to make something it wasn’t, simply to swipe the president.

“So basically they created a narrative about Trump that doesn’t really exist so they can be pissed at him for said narrative and then complain for their viewers,” Twitchy wrote, concerning the MSNBC report. “Trump actually did everything the Bush family asked him to and was (for him) on his best behavior.”

“Which doesn’t seem to matter because even when he acts presidential these harpies find a way to create their own story to tell about him so they can frame him as a bad guy,” the report added.

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