ICE Raid Hits New England Sanctuary Areas, 50 Illegal Aliens Arrested

There’s no doubt that illegal immigration is a problem in the United States. Despite the fact that we don’t have a wall, we still have a president who is serious about illegal immigration and he has empowered ICE to do its job.

This week, 50 dangerous illegal aliens are off the streets thanks to ICE.

From Weasel Zippers via Boston Herald:

ICE agents have detained more than 50 illegal immigrants in raids in the last two days targeting suspected drug dealers — many of whom had been freed by local judges or jails, the Herald has learned.

The busts were carried out in East Boston, Dorchester, Lawrence, the Worcester area, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut, according to a law enforcement official who told the Herald the focus of the operation was combating the region’s deadly opiate epidemic.

The detainees include three illegal immigrants from Brazil who are wanted there for murder, the official said.

Resistance to immigration law has become increasingly widespread in Massachusetts and other parts of the country in reaction to the Trump administration. The so-called “sanctuary city” movement — where police are directed by mayors to not cooperate with ICE — has been spreading to courts, with reports of judges aiding illegal immigrants suspected of crimes in evading ICE agents waiting with detention orders.

“Sanctuary policies in Massachusetts are contributing directly to the opiate epidemic by returning the very criminals who are peddling back to the streets to deal,” said Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. “They could have been sent back to their home countries instead of back to our neighborhoods to keep distributing death.”

Again, we aren’t talking about mothers and children here. We are talking about hardened criminals who did bad things.

Immigration is great. Illegal immigration is not.