GOP Rep Says Current Immigration Crisis Is ‘Fundamental Test’ Of Our Society

President Trump is well within his role as the executive leader of the country to defend the southern border and enforce border security, limiting the influx of illegal immigration, Republican Congressman Tom McClintock contended on Tuesday.

In an op-ed with the Washington Examiner, the California congressman said the United States has a “natural right and responsibility to determine who is admitted to its borders.”

The reason why an individual might wish to migrate to a country largely depends on what is happening inside it—its policies and governance. The better the conditions and “unique qualities” that take place inside the country, McClintock argued, the more likely people will wish to migrate there.

“The unique qualities that develop within each country’s borders naturally make some more desirable places to live than others. These differences drive immigration patterns. The more successful a nation, the greater the demand to immigrate to it,” McClintock wrote.

The congressman argued, however, that the country must not be so overwhelmed by immigration that the qualities that made them unique in the first place are not destroyed in the process.

“Most of the world’s 7.5 billion people live in violent and impoverished countries,” McClintock wrote. “It is no wonder that so many find the United States an attractive alternative. Yet uncontrolled and indiscriminate immigration from any and all of them risks importing the same undesirable conditions here, and destroying the qualities that encouraged immigration in the first place.”

Or, plainly, the people migrating into the country cannot bring their problems with them.

“History offers many examples of great civilizations that have succumbed to this paradox, and the current crisis on our southern border poses a fundamental test of whether ours may soon join them,” the congressman cautioned.

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America has traditionally welcomed the truly persecuted who have escaped to our shores, but what is unfolding today makes a mockery of our asylum laws. The much-publicized crowd at the border is not a peaceful caravan of asylum seekers, as many have attempted to portray it. A “caravan” is a group of people traveling legally and peacefully through a foreign land. An “invasion” is a group of people attempting to violate a nation’s border by force, whether by military or mob action.

The vast majority of those camped on our southern border are military-aged males. Authorities have already identified roughly 600 as known criminals, and Mexican law enforcement has reportedly arrested roughly a hundred for crimes committed there. The fact that this force has attacked both Mexican and U.S. law enforcement, with several injuries reported, contradicts any claims that as a group they come with peaceful intent.

McClintock contended there are some peaceful, “nonviolent” members caught up in the thousands-strong migrant caravan. These, he said, are still not conventional asylum-seekers but are simply seeking better living conditions that their home countries cannot provide.

“Asylum is reserved for those who have been specifically targeted for harm by their own government based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or particular social group, and who have entered directly into this country from their own,” McClintock wrote.