Arrests Of Illegal Migrant Workers Jumps 700 PERCENT, Trump Encouraged To Do 1 Thing

A system which allows employers to verify whether they are hiring employees legally allowed to work in the United States has led to a 700 percent surge in illegal immigrant arrest.

As a result, President Trump is being encouraged to nationalize the system.

As the Washington Examiner reports, the “simple verification system” is called E-Verify and immigration officials are claiming the system has been responsible for the massive surge in the arrests of illegal immigrant workers.

Former immigration Judge and legal expert with the Center for Immigration Studies Andrew R. Arthur praised the system and said Trump could nationalize it via executive order.

“There are many changes that could be made to the immigration laws that would enable the United States to gain control over its illegal population,” Arthur said per the report. “Of all of the proposals, however, E-Verify would be the most effective at curbing illegal entries and limiting nonimmigrant overstays. And the president could likely make it mandatory through executive action.”

Here’s more, via the Washington Examiner:

The push for the simple employment verification system, currently a voluntary opt-in for nongovernment contractors, comes after Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed stunning new statistics of workplace enforcement investigations.

The agency and Homeland Security Investigations, which had promised to step up investigations, announced a 300 percent surge in probes. They “opened” 6,848 work-site investigations in fiscal 2018 versus 1,691 the year before. Audits jumped to 5,981 from 1,360.

Work-site arrests surged even more. The authorities made 779 criminal and 1,525 administrative work-site-related arrests compared to 139 and 172, said ICE in this Washington Examiner report by Anna Giaritelli.

And, here’s more from Arthur on the verification system, via the Center for Immigration Studies:

Verify would do just that. My colleague Preston Huennekens has lauded its effectiveness:

Since its introduction in 1996 as Basic Pilot, E-Verify remains the easiest way for employers to determine if their workers are eligible to work legally in the United States. A 2016 study confirmed what many have known for years: The E-Verify system is remarkably effective at deterring illegal immigration.

So how does E-Verify work? According to my colleague David North:

E-Verify is a useful, massive data-base, electronic program which gives employers a chance to compare data on people they have just hired with USCIS and Social Security files. If the worker’s data does not jibe with the government files, and if he or she cannot subsequently resolve any problems found, then the employer may fire the worker. The point is to keep illegal aliens from being hired.

Simple enough. Barbara Jordan, civil-rights icon and chairwoman of the Commission on Immigration Reform, famously stated:

Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave.

Arthur continued: “In fact, E-Verify was so improved that its use was mandated by DHS for use by federal government contractors. President Bill Clinton had previously issued Executive Order 12989, which rendered contractors or organizational units of contractors that were not in compliance with the INA employment provisions subject to debarment, meaning that they would be ineligible for government contracts, for at least one year, subject to extension if the attorney general so determined, under the employer-sanctions compliance provisions in section 274A(e) of the INA.”

And, “President George W. Bush later issued Executive Order 13465, which amended Executive Order 12989. As the E-Verify website explains, that executive order directed ‘all federal departments and agencies to require contractors to utilize an electronic employment eligibility verification system’ in order ‘to verify the employment eligibility of employees performing work under a covered federal contract.’ DHS thereafter ‘designated E-Verify as the electronic employment eligibility verification system that all federal contractors must use as required by the amended Executive Order 12989.”

The former immigration judge concluded that “the path is clear for the president to make E-Verify mandatory.”

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