Tamara Holder: Why Do We All Have To Suffer Because A Minority Group Of White Men Have To Have Their Guns?

American attorney and former Fox News host Tamara Holder claims to have seen a college student in a wheelchair at a Dave Matthews concert and took to Twitter to advocate against the Second Amendment.

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“Why do we all have to suffer because a minority group of white men have to have their guns? Just saw a college kid in a wheelchair at Dave Matthews, the engine struggling through the sand. I wondered if he was a shooting victim,” Holder tweeted.

“That’s the reality of our society,” the former Fox News host added.

Holder contended that her tweet was not arguing against the complete repeal of the Second Amendment, but a push for gun control and restrictions.

“Why don’t some people understand that this isn’t about the right to bear arms? This is about what one man’s gun can do to an entire community. Don’t you get it?” Holder asked in another tweet.

And, “The collateral damage is mind-blowing. Go on now, go back to clinging to your arsenals.”

In a third tweet, Holder double-downed (triple-downed?) on her argument and said she was “not an anti-gun liberal.”

As Twitchy reports, people were overwhelmingly critical of Holder’s tweets and overarching argument.

“It’s certainly not an original take: we’ve seen plenty of Twitter argue that their right to life and the pursuit of happiness is infringed upon by the constitutionally enumerated right to bear arms. But it’s not about the Second Amendment at all — don’t you get it?” Twitchy added.

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