‘8 Or 9 Percent’: Trump Tells Hannity The Economy Is Just Getting Started

Despite a new GDP report showing the United States economy growing over 4 percent GDP, President Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he has plans to take the economy to unprecedented heights.

How much growth does Trump think he could bring? 8 or 9 percent, he said. Trump added that the 4.1 percent growth the economy was currently growing at was “just a stepping stone” and is “going to get better.”

Per BizPac Review:

The president touted the remarkable GDP numbers released earlier as he spoke on the call-in to Hannity’s syndicated national radio show on Friday which was announced only 30 minutes before it aired.

“Mr. President, congratulations,” Hannity began, referring to Friday’s stunning GDP report which showed the U.S. economy growing at 4.1 percent.

“It’s going to get better, it’s totally sustainable, I look forward to next quarter,” Trump said by phone aboard Air Force One, according to The Hill. “I think the 4.1 is just a stepping stone.”

Trump revealed the economic surge could happen sooner than later as he hopes to target international trade deficits.

“We’re doing great. We could do a lot better,” Trump said, per BizPac Review. “The fact is that if I can cut the trade deficit from $817 billion, think of that, we have a trade deficit with other countries — that’s trading with other countries, 817 billion — if I cut it in half, right there, we’ll pick up 3 to 4 points, so you could add that to the 4 of 5 and so we’d be at 8 or 9.”

Trump said he understands liberals like to criticize his methods, but he argued they continue to work. The negotiator-in-chief said people are beginning to see what he promised in the campaign and are “starting to believe.”

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“Now, I don’t want to say that too much and I didn’t want to say too much during the campaign because I would have been criticized, people wouldn’t have believed it… But now they’re starting to believe,” Trump said, as BizPac Review reports.

Hannity shared in the president’s enthusiasm and said the Trump administration has already done a tremendous job in reducing trade deficits:

“One of the more under-reported stories is we now have a trade deficit that dropped by more than $50 billion,” Hannity noted.

“You’re right Sean, that’s so important, a $52 billion drop in trade deficits, that hasn’t happened for decades,” the president agreed.

“We have countries out there who charge us a 100% tariff or tax and we charge them nothing for the same product coming into our country,” he said. “Yet when I say we’re going to tax them everyone goes crazy and says it’s not free trade.”

“They can do it, but we can’t? Those days are over,” Trump added. “If we can straighten out trade we can pick up a lot of points on GDP.”


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