After Suffering Through Over a Year of Anthem Protests, Conservative Football Fans Get Excellent News

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The CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, is a big supporter of President Donald Trump.

In fact, his wife, Linda McMahon, currently serves as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

With NFL ratings tanking and Commissioner Roger Goodell confirming the league’s social justice push is merely the beginning of what’s to come, Vince is set to bring back the XFL. Meaning, after suffering through over a year of anthem protests, conservative football fans get excellent news!

Here are the details…

From BizPac Review:

Vince McMahon: Pro wrestling icon and rescuer of former NFL fans?

The WWE Chairman and CEO McMahon is set to make a major live announcement at 3 p.m. that looks to shake up the pro football world.[…]

The announcement is certainly to be the resurrection of the XFL, which McMahon founded in 1999 and had one season in 2001 before its cancellation.


That likely summarizes the gist. McMahon recently sold off 3.34 million shares of WWE stock (worth about $100 million) in order to fund Alpha Entertainment, which was established to look for media opportunities in sports and entertainment aside from the WWE.

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More from Barstool Sports:

I cannot believe this is going to happen…AGAIN! The XFL baby! No kickers! No concussions! No good players! Kneel for the anthem and you get shot!

This is going to be the #MAGA Football League. Vince saw his pal Trump got elected, and he is going to capitalize on this to the billionth degree. I cannot wait to see just how un-PC he gets. And the best thing is, it’s not affiliated with WWE at all, so they don’t have to keep it PG “for the stockholders”. Strippers as cheerleaders! Puppies! Puppies!

From ESPN:

Last month WWE filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission stating that McMahon would sell about $100 million in stock to fund Alpha Entertainment, a company founded to make investments “including professional football.”

It is not clear whether McMahon will use the name XFL, the ill-fated football league he co-owned with NBC that lasted only one season in 2001, but Alpha has filed trademarks for that name.

A report claims the XFL will return in 2020.

From Bleacher Report:

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly planning to relaunch the XFL in 2020.

PWInsider added that McMahon wants to focus on building rosters and finding coaches before progressing too far with plans for the new XFL.

The original XFL lasted for just one season in 2001.


While the league initially netted strong ratings on NBC, it quickly faded due largely to a lack of quality football.

A handful of players emerged from the XFL to enjoy success in the NFL, including eventual Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox and running back Rod “He Hate Me” Smart.

The XFL recently returned to pop-culture discussion due to ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary This Was the XFL.

The 2017 documentary highlighted the rise and fall of the league and once again got people talking about McMahon’s creation.

Conservative NFL fans may flock to the XFL if the league continues down the social justice warrior rabbit hole – which certainly seems to be the case.

We’ll have to wait until 2020 to know for sure.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]