‘That’s Already The Law’ Charles C.W. Cooke Rips CNN’s Gun Control Piece

Following the horribly tragic shooting incident at a local high school in Texas, where nine students and a teacher were killed, people immediately began to discuss how to prevent similar, future incidents.

Here’s CNN’s take:

The alleged assailant in this case, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, did not appear to have a criminal record or, so far as we know, any previous interactions with police or worrisome concerns from the community. He used two weapons — a shotgun and a .38 revolver — neither of which are the focus of gun control reforms.

What’s more, the Santa Fe school had two armed police officers and had trained extensively in active shooter protocols, so it wasn’t a situation where “good guys with guns” can solve the problem.

No one wants situations like these to occur, so the question being debated is how best to prevent them.

The shooter – who has since been criminally charged with capital murder – reportedly obtained the two guns via his father, who presumably owned them in a legal manner.

According to CNN, it should be illegal for parents to allow their underage child or children access to these firearms:

First, Pagourtzis got access to the guns from his father who, as far as we know, legally owned them. Advocates for protecting the Second Amendment often talk about safe gun ownership. They should then be at the forefront in promoting safer gun ownership standards, as well as liability for parents who negligently, or even purposefully, allow their kids access to guns that the child couldn’t otherwise buy.

If I, as a parent of teens, allow their friends to drink at my home, negligently let them leave in their car and they end up hitting and killing others, I am legally responsible for the activity. The same should be true for guns.

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Using lock boxes and keeping ammunition separate from firearms are sensible protections parents who own guns should embrace. To the extent that our society is looking for common ground on the gun control debate, responsible gun ownership — and using the law to prosecute adults who don’t promote it — is essential. Unfortunately, the NRA has traditionally taken a hard line against legal liability for those whose guns are taken, no matter the negligence that allowed it, and used in a crime.

But, this is already a law on the books.

Fox News contributor Charles C.W. Cooke pointed this out over social media.

Check it out:

After ripping the CNN piece, Cooke continued to criticize another gun control piece he saw:

One shooting incident is too much and is completely tragic, but this is not the 22nd shooting of 2018. This talking point is often repeated by those on the Left and in mainstream media.

Cooke explains he is not advocating for inaction, rather action with correct facts.

As Twitchy reports, Cooke’s comments were similarly echoed. Here’s another:


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