People Are NOT Happy After Finding Out How Much The Mueller Investigation Is Costing Them

The Justice Department recently shared how much the investigative efforts by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is costing them: a whopping $17 million.

“We have all this money for this? But not for a wall? Money for our veterans? Our homeless? The sick? Priorities people!” one user said in response to a report reflecting the cost of the investigation.

President Trump was quick to criticize how much the investigation was costing.

“A.P. has just reported that the Russian Hoax Investigation has now cost our government over $17 million, and going up fast. No Collusion, except by the Democrats!” Trump tweeted.

17 million dollars and the cost is only going up.

The investigation could be nearing $20 million or more by the time it reaches a conclusion as the Justice Department said in the report that they will continue dedicating money and resources to it.

“The department will continue to dedicate and leverage resources to maintain strong program and financial management controls,” the Justice Department said, as Fox News reports. “Management takes its program and financial accountability seriously and is dedicated to ensuring that funds are used in a responsible and transparent manner.”

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Here’s more on the funding and costs, per Fox News:

Mueller was appointed special counsel in May 2017 by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Previously, the Justice Department said that during the May-September 2017 period, the investigation cost nearly $7 million – bringing the grand total to date to $17 million.

That earlier sum included $3.2 million in direct Special Counsel expenses and $3.5 million for other DOJ expenses, covering costs like agents working on raids or interviews and other government contractors.

The spending report said these expenses would “have incurred for the investigations irrespective of the existence” of Mueller’s probe.

Importantly, the Justice Department indicated the investigation could continue for another year.

Needless to say, American taxpayers will be footing the bill for the investigation – and they are not happy:

Americans are growing really tired of the investigation, even Democrats are beginning to recognize that fact.

As Washington Examiner reports, Ranking Member of the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner indicated that the investigation should extend no further than the end of the year for fear of public retaliation.

“The notion for those who may be partisans in the crowd and say, ‘Gosh, if the Democrats take control, they’ll be able to really ramp these up,’ I think the American public will be tired of it if this is not wound down in this calendar year,” Warner said, per the report.



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