‘So Funny…’: James Woods Has The Internet Laughing With One Tweet About CNN

James Woods was not about to just let CNN off the hook for their terrible television ratings without making a spectacle of them. Woods, who often pokes fun at liberals and liberal media, saw that CNN was outperformed by Nickelodeon cartoon shows, HGTV home improvement shows and the History Channel’s special segments about aliens.

Woods took to social media to heckle the network and their poor showing. While the rough viewership for CNN put them at the end of a number of jokes, Woods and those who chimed into the post were certainly having a good time laughing at CNN’s expense.

“So funny,” Woods tweeted a picture of an article which was titled, “History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ Outperforms CNN in Primetime.”

As if that headline was not funny enough, people joined in on the joking:


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The ratings Woods and others were referencing has CNN ranked outside of the top 10 of “Basic Cable Prime time (Total Viewers).

Here are the channels who actually made the list, via Adweek:

Basic Cable Top 10 – Prime time (Total Viewers)

  1. Fox News (2,181,000)
  2. MSNBC (1,753,000)
  3. HGTV (1,331,000)
  4. USA (1,248,000)
  5. History (1,063,000)
  6. TBS (1,023,000)
  7. CNN (992,000)
  8. TLC (964,000)
  9. Investigation Discovery (949,000)
  10. Hallmark Channel (943,000)

And, via the Daily Caller:

CNN suffered another humiliating defeat in the cable ratings during the week of August 6 through August 12, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Cable news competitors Fox News and MSNBC wiped the floor with CNN, with FNC finishing first in average primetime viewers and more than doubling CNN’s primetime ratings.

Fox News reached 2.18 million primetime viewers, while MSNBC finished 2nd with 1.75 million and CNN finished 7th with just 992,000 average viewers for the week. CNN fell behind Home and Garden Television, USA Network, The History Channel, and TBS Network.

The History Channel’s primetime lineup includes shows like “Ancient Aliens,” “Counting Cars,” “American Pickers” and “Mountain Men.” CNN’s primetime lineup boasts personalities like Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper.

Not a good look for CNN, not a good look at all.


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