Going VIRAL: The Internet Cannot Get Enough Of Teen’s Grad Photos With Unusual Animal

People on the internet are fascinated by the graduation photos of Makenzie Noland, a Texas teenager who decided to take her photos with an alligator.

You read that right, Makenzie chose the nearly 14-foot long gator to accompany her in a pair of pictures. One other picture shows her class ring sitting on top of the gator’s snout.

In the photos, the soon-to-be Texas A&M University grad has her graduation cap and sash on and is touching a gator she has spent 3 months with and who she calls “Tex.” The pictures were taken in a wildlife sanctuary in Beaumont, Texas.

There is nothing quite like it. Take a look:

William Hammonds/Gator Country

William Hammonds/Gator Country

From Fox News:

The soon-to-be Texas A&M University grad has been living at Gator Country for the past three months as she interns with the organization. During her time at the wildlife rescue, Noland has bonded with many of the 370 alligators on site, specifically Tex.

Over the past several months, Noland has been training with Tex — under the careful supervision of alligator experts.

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“Tex is the one who let me into his pond. He does pick favorites, and I’m honored he likes me enough to let me get in there and play with him every day,” Noland, 21, told Fox News.

William Hammonds/Gator Country

Not everyone online is loving the photos as some people say she is endangering herself or are questioning her training. The grad responded to some of these by assuring people that she knows what she is doing.

“I would never do anything to risk my own life. I’m doing things supervised. I’m trained,” she said, as Fox News reports. “Animals can react differently to different situations. We look at all that behavior. If the animals aren’t working well, then we’re getting out of the water and letting them be.”

Here are some more responses:


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