Can’t Make This Up: Kathy Griffin Built A ‘Wall’ At Home To Block View Of Pro-Trump Neighbor

Kathy Griffin may be no fan of President Trump, but she took a page right out of his playbook when she made changes to her California home earlier this month in an effort to silence a Trump-supporting neighbor, KB Homes CEO Jeffery Mezger.

She built a wall.

“As Trump would say, we built a wall. I’m not a Trump supporter, but we built a wall,” Griffin said in a video tour of her California home with Youtuber Shane Dawson earlier this month, Breitbart News reports.

According to Griffin, the neighbor began to shout expletives at her after she posed with a mock-severed head of President Trump. “Hey you f*****g d**e, you f*****g c**t,” she claimed Mezger yells.

So, in response, Griffin said she and her boyfriend had to construct a small wall blocking the neighbor’s view of the back patio.

From the report:

Griffin didn’t identify Mezger in the video, but as Daily Mail noted, Mezger and Griffin have been involved in several legal battles since 2017, with each filing restraining orders against the other.

Mezger was also caught on an audio recording verbally attacking the obscene comedienne after her boyfriend Randy filed a noise complaint against his grandchildren last September.

The legal battles continued when Mezger filed a lawsuit this year against Griffin and her boyfriend claiming that they had illegally made a video of him and his family from the backyard of Griffin’s home.

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Here’s more on the video, from Daily Mail:

Having connected with Shane online, Kathy then invited the group to visit her extravagant mansion, where she proudly showed them her private movie theater, her 12-car parking garage, and her 11 different bathrooms.

Kathy opened the door of her mansion to Shane, Teresa, Ryland, as well as Shane’s cameraman Andrew Siwicki, 25, Morgan Adams, Ryland’s 20-year-old sister, and Garrett Watts, 29.

She gave Teresa a warm hug while Shane’s mother shed tears upon meeting her idol.

‘Oh God, does she think she won the house?’ Kathy joked. ‘Honey, you’re not getting the house.’

The comedian then offered to give the group a tour of the house, which she called ‘a big FU’ to everyone who underestimated her in the past.

Here’s how people responded to hearing that she built a wall:

Giffin’s controversial beheading photo was not just hated by her neighbor but many people on social media. Donald Trump Jr. called the photo “disgusting” and other people called it “evil.”

“I thought there was a really good chance my career was over,” Griffin said of the incident last year, as ABC News reports.

“No one stood by me. No network, no studio, no one. Left, right, and center turned on me. Everyone turned on me,” Griffin added.

The comedienne recently performed for a sold-out crowd in New York’s Carnegie Hall, nearly 14 months after sharing her controversial photo.


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