Vox Writer Under Fire For Asking Whether White People Had A ‘Positive Or Negative Effect On America’

Vox writer David Roberts wants to know: “Do white people have a positive or negative effect on America?”

Roberts asked the bizarre question on social media in a poll which received more than 22,000 responses.

Several others commented on the poll and accused Roberts of racism. “Dumbest tweet of the week, hands down. Vox and the rest of the media are totally milking and perpetuating this incendiary racial bias BS,” one user responded.

Another said, “Shame on you for doing such an outrageous poll. One of many reasons I stopped reading anything VOX puts out.”

In the poll, 82 percent of people who participated said white people had a positive impact.

TheWrap has more on why Roberts posted the poll:

Roberts, who writes about energy and climate change for the site, said he decided to delve into the issue of the effects of “white people” after seeing a Public Religion Research Institute poll that asked Americans their thoughts about “racial diversity.”

The results of the poll showed that more than 6 out of 10 Americans had a positive view, with the trend propelled by large majorities among Democrats. Among Republicans, 50 percent of respondents had a negative view, while just 43 percent held a positive view.

So, in a series of posts, Roberts decided to conduct his own research. Check it out:

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TheWrap reports a Vox spokesperson defended the poll amid wide criticism, saying: “David’s tweet was in response to an opinion poll by the Public Research Institute asking Americans whether racial diversity — that is, more non-white people — has a positive or negative effect on the country.”

Here is how some other people responded:


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