Maxine Waters Supporters Burn American Flag Outside Office, Chant: ‘America Was Never Great’

A few dozen supporters of Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters took to her Los Angeles office in protest… of the entire country. Apparently, they hate everything and believe America has never been great.

During the demonstration, the protestors (who again, love and support Waters – even referring to her as “Queen Waters” at one point) set fire to an American flag and shouted, “America was never great,” BizPac Review reports. The line is a clear knock on President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” motto.

According to the report, the protestors were there to counter a demonstration which never actually showed up. Waters, ahead of the event, told the protestors not to show up as to not be provoked to violence with the other group.

From the report:

The liberal counter-protesters shouted: “This is not the American flag! This is their flag!” The group held signs reading “We support you Maxine our congresswoman,” “Don’t mess with our Queen Maxine,” and “Deport Trump.”

The brouhaha erupted after the Oath Keepers announced that they wanted to protest outside Maxine Waters’ office because she has urged liberals to harass and bully Trump aides and supporters whenever they’re out in public.

Check it out:


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Waters and the mainstream media have denounced the Oath Keepers as a “right-wing militia group.”

On its website, the group calls itself a “non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police and first-responders” who will defend and uphold the Constitution (see mission statement below).

Oath Keepers underscored that its allegiance is not to any particular president or political party, but to the United States Constitution.

Take a look:


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