Another Trump Admin Official Gets Harassed At A Restaurant, This One Gets Personal

The Left has opened the playbook on going after the Trump administration. Rather than contest their ideas with reason or organize marches across the country, now they are finding administration officials in public and confronting them.

Scott Pruitt, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, is the latest of the Trump administration officials to be harassed during a meal at a Washington D.C. restaurant.

The woman who confronts Pruitt immediately tells him to resign and then introduces her son, who she is carrying. She says her son loves animals and clean air and claims Pruitt’s policies are a detriment to the environment. All the while, the woman is reading from a notepad with talking points to use against the EPA Director.


The woman in the video, Kristin Mink, uploaded the incident to her social media account as well.

“EPA head Scott Pruitt was 3 tables away as I ate lunch with my child. I had to say something,” Mink wrote with an accompanying video.

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EPA head Scott Pruitt was 3 tables away as I ate lunch with my child. I had to say something. This man is directly and significantly harming my child’s — and every child’s — health and future with decisions to roll back environmental regulations for the benefit of big corporations, while he uses taxpayer money to fund a lavish lifestyle. He’s corrupt, he’s a liar, he’s a climate change denier, and as a public servant, he should not be able to go out in public without hearing from the citizens he’s hurting. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. EPA Administrator Scott PruittETA: You don’t have to wait til your next Pruitt sighting to take action! Click here to help Boot Pruitt!

Posted by Kristin Mink on Monday, July 2, 2018

Here’s more, from the Hill:

Mink, who is a schoolteacher according to her Facebook profile, lists off multiple scandals Pruitt has been ensnared in since becoming EPA chief, including the rental of a Capitol Hill condo owned by the wife of an influential lobbyist.

“We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who actually does protect our environment, someone who believes in climate change and takes it seriously for the benefit of all us, including our children,” Mink said.

“I would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out.”

Mink’s encounter with Pruitt, which had about 2,500 views just more than hour after being posted, is the latest public confrontation a Trump Cabinet official has faced in recent weeks.

Pruitt is the latest of several Trump administration officials to be confronted in public. Initially, White House advisor Stephen Miller and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Neilsen were confronted and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service at a restaurant.

Here’s more:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia last month because of her role in the Trump administration. Days earlier, protestors separately confronted senior adviser Stephen Miller and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as they dined at Mexican restaurants in Washington, D.C.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) called for public confrontations of Trump officials to continue, which drew outrage from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

The public confrontations ignited debates surrounding civility in politics and the correct way to protest policies and figures with which one doesn’t agree.

Speaking on a segment with Fox Business, former Congressman Jason Altmire said this sort of “ugly” confrontations will turn off Independent voters from helping Democrats in November, where they are looking to take back majorities in Congress.



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