Some People On The Left Reach New Low In Response To Trump Meeting With Angel Families

On Friday, President Trump hosted a number of Angel families at the White House where they shared the terribly tragic stories of illegal immigrants taking the life of their children. Parent after parent took to the mic, each sharing the horror they faced knowing they would never see their child again because of the actions of an illegal immigrant.

Angel Dad Ray Tranchant said his daughter and her friend were both killed by an illegal immigrant who was drunk-driving at more than 70 miles per hour.

Angel Mother Laura Wilkerson described how her 18-year-old son “went to school one day and never came home.” Instead, he was savagely murdered.

“We will suffer for the rest of our life on this earth,” Wilkerson said. “Josh was brutally tortured, strangled over and over, [and] set on fire after death. His last hours were brutal. None of our kids had a minute to say goodbye. We weren’t lucky enough to be separated for five days or 10 days. This is permanent separation.”

Angel Mother Agnes Gibboney said, during an interview with Fox News, her son was murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member and she was unjustly separated from her son by “a coffin and six feet of dirt.”

Check it out:

'Stop Me In My Tracks' — Angel Mom Tells Story Of Her Son And How Trump Saved Her Life

President Trump hosted Angel Families on Friday. This Angel Mother shared her heartbreaking story with America, and how President Trump lifted her out of the depths.

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Posted by The Daily Caller on Friday, June 22, 2018

The emotional event was met with tongue-in-cheek remarks, criticism and even mockery by some people on the Left.

Twitchy reports a number of people on the Left like Kathy Griffin, who infamously posed with a fake decapitated head depicting Trump, accused the president of using these parents as props or said their stories were little more than propaganda.


Other people listened to the troubling stories, watched how these families grieved, and took to social media to express empathy:



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