Viral Alert: NFL Quarterback’s Father’s Day Story Is Melting Hearts Across The Country

National Football League quarterback for the New York Jets, Josh McCown, is making headlines for sharing a story about something he experienced on Father’s Day.

As McCown explained, he witnessed “the perfect picture of what being a father is all about.”

In the story, McCown said he was at the grocery store and his cashier was growing frustrated with a fellow employee who was slowly bagging the scanned items.

“Just got through standing in line at the grocery store. As the clerk scanned items and passed them to the young man to bag they began to pile up because he wasn’t bagging them as quickly as the clerked preferred,” McCown wrote.

McCown explained the kid bagging items was special needs “with a million dollar smile named Zach. “He was happily taking our items, sometimes one bag per item and loading them in the cart. The clerk’s frustration grew but Zach slowly but surely got better with each bag,” the quarterback continued.

McCown said he then noticed a man a short distance away nodding and encouraging the kid, the kid’s father.

“As my wife and I patiently waited it was clear why Zach’s bagging had picked up speed. About fifteen feet over my shoulder stood a middle-aged man sharing a similarly infectious smile as Zach,” he said.

“He stood there as any parent would with great joy on his face encouraging Zach with each item he picked up. It was the perfect picture of what being a father is all about.”

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The New York Jet said moments like this exemplify fatherhood and “what true love from a father is all about.” He then thanked his own father for helping and encouraging him throughout his career.

“On fathers day instead of being at home laying around getting to have the day to himself, he’s standing at the grocery store cheering on his son because his son needed him there. I’m thankful for this man because it showed what true love from a father is all about.”

“I want to say thanks to my DAD for being there and cheering me on all these years. To all the fathers out there Happy Fathers Day!”

As Senator Marco Rubio reminded ahead of Father’s Day, the day is about more than simply giving fathers things. While Rubio said he was thankful of the gifts, he mentioned the day is about respecting fathers and honoring them for the immeasurable moments like the one in McCown’s story.

“Their responsibilities in families and society are all essential to the strength of our country,” Rubio wrote about fathers.

“Fathers and mothers serve equally important, but distinct, functions in raising children,” he continued. “Fathers play the indispensable role in protecting their families from harm, encouraging children to overcome challenges, disciplining children with authority, and teaching boys how to become responsible men by modeling responsibility themselves. This should not be controversial.”

As Yahoo Sports reports, McCown is a father of four kids and would recognize first-hand what this sort of support means for both the father and the son at the store.



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