Trump HAS Been Preparing His Whole Life For North Korea, These Videos From 1999 Prove It!

President Trump is just hours away from holding a historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, a meeting Trump previously said he has been preparing his whole life for.

The president made the comment on Friday morning to a group of reporters. “I have been preparing for this all my life,” Trump said of the June 12 meeting in Singapore.

It seems the man who is known for “The Art of the Deal” is going to showcase everything he’s learned throughout his career, raising the stakes that much higher for the meeting.

The comment was quickly met with criticisms from Democrats and others on the Left who cautioned that Trump was somehow unprepared or uninformed. Some others are concerned that Trump is choosing to go into the meeting without advisers.

But, as Gateway Pundit reports, Trump has been preparing his whole life for this meeting and discussed a nuclear North Korea as a serious issue as far back as 1999.

Check it out:

The President is right and there is video evidence to prove it. Not only has he been negotiating mega deals for a living on some of the priciest and most beautiful real estate properties on earth, he also used these skills to win the US election for President – beating 17 Republican hopefuls and the crooked Clinton machine. The President also had a best seller (The Art of the Deal) and held one of the nation’s number one TV show for years (remember – You’re Fired!).

But there is also proof that the President has been thinking about how to deal with North Korea for years.

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President Trump was on Meet the Press nearly 20 years ago where he provided his ideas about North Korea.

Donald Trump: The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation. And we have this country out there, North Korea, that is sort of wacko. Which is not a bunch of dummies and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons… And wouldn’t it be good to sit down and really negotiate something? And if that negotiation doesn’t work you’re better to solve the problem now than solve it later.

Here’s the evidence:



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