Nearly 80 Percent: New Poll Shows Exactly How People Feel About Mueller’s Investigation

For more than a year, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating President Trump for collusion charges, and now obstruction, with Russia. The investigation has led to the indictments of more than a dozen Russian entities and some members of Trump’s campaign staff have plead guilty to various offenses.

While the investigation is not showing any signs of ending, a new poll is showing nearly 80 percent of people are believing the investigation is simply out to get Trump.

Check it out, per Washington Examiner:

A sizable majority in a new poll are expressing frustration and disgust with Congress, the Supreme Court and special Russia investigator Robert Mueller who they believe is gunning to take down President Trump.

The survey of advocates for the Convention of States group that is urging for limits on Washington’s power found that 77 percent believe that there is no evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Mueller is “looking to take the POTUS down.”

In the poll, a vast majority of the 94,021 people said the investigation is nothing more than a “witch hunt,” as Trump himself has repeatedly said.

These comments have found themselves echoed by many top conservatives. As Fox News reports, Judge Andrew Napolitano said the investigation is out to ruin Trump’s presidency:

I have been arguing for months that the president should not agree to an interview with Mueller. My reasons are fairly boilerplate: It is nearly impossible to talk prosecutors who are determined to seek an indictment into changing their minds. As well, the person being interviewed cannot possibly know as much about the case as the team doing the interview, and he will be prone to error.

In the interview environment, one small lie can result in one big headache of an indictment, even if the lie is about an extraneous matter. When federal prosecutors question a potential defendant, who appears voluntarily and is not under oath, the questioners can lie to the person being interviewed, but he cannot lie to them without risk of indictment.

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The Supreme Court has ruled that federal prosecutors and FBI agents can use trickery, deceptions and outright falsehoods — even disguises, verbal traps and fraud — to help them extract information from a witness or person they are investigating. Given the president’s well-known propensity to talk at length on many disjointed matters and to think both aloud and unfiltered there is a very serious danger that he would contradict himself and even contradict facts for which the special counsel has hard evidence.

Here are more findings from the poll, via Washington Examiner:

Overall the poll showed that the advocates for the convention want to rope in Washington’s power, believing that leaders are incapable of doing it themselves.

“This poll demonstrates that well over a year into the Trump administration, the swamp is as deep as ever and the American people are sick of it. Trump rode a wave of voter frustrations to the White House, and when you add in the Mueller the witch hunt, it’s a high octane brew likely to drive his voters to the polls with record enthusiasm,” said Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance, founder of the Convention of States Project, and a co-founder of the Tea Party movement.

In the poll, 94 percent said that Washington will never balance the budget, and politicians were cited as the “most frustrating problem in Washington, D.C.,” at 51 percent. Not surprisingly, 42 percent back term limits for members.

And 80 percent believe that the U.S. Supreme Court is out of control and is overstepping the bounds of the Constitution.

When asked the biggest threat to the country, the top answer was illegal immigration.

And, according to the poll, the top issues concerning people were: Illegal Immigration (20%), Erosion of Individual Rights (19%), Runaway Spending (17%), The Media (12%), Politicization of the Education System (11%), Infringement on 2nd Amendment (9%), and Money in Politics (6%).


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