Trump Held Meeting With Freshman Lawmakers, What They Discussed Will Change Congress Forever

President Trump held a meeting with freshmen lawmakers and what they discussed could be changing the legislative chamber forever.

Term limits.

Those two words sends shockwaves through Washington as career politicians would be a thing of the past. And it’s term limits that Trump and these new members of the legislative body were discussing.

“I recently had a terrific meeting with a bipartisan group of freshman lawmakers who feel very strongly in favor of Congressional term limits,” President Trump tweeted after the meeting.

Trump immediately answered whether or not he would support the measure.

“I gave them my full support and endorsement for their efforts. #DrainTheSwamp” Trump added.

Republican Congressman Mark Meadows quickly motioned that he too would support the measure.

“Our founders never intended Congress to be a career–part of why Washington has become so dysfunctional is the shift away from this principle,” Meadows tweeted. “Congressional term limits would do wonders toward addressing the problem. I’m 100% on board Mr. President. Let’s make it happen.”

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Also supportive of the move was Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher. He tweeted:

“Our government should be of the people, by the people. And with that as our guiding principle, term limits are something that both sides of the aisle should be able to unite behind. I appreciated being able to make that case to @POTUS with a bipartisan group of my colleagues.”

Here’s more, from the Hill:

Monday is not the first time Trump has voiced support for congressional term limits. While some conservative lawmakers back the idea, the proposal has not gained traction with GOP leaders.

“I would say we have term limits now. They’re called elections. And it will not be on the agenda in the Senate,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said during a press conference shortly after the 2016 election.

Freshman Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), who attended the meeting at the White House, said last week a bipartisan group of freshman House members plan to combine bills together in an attempt to implement a change.

“I think that would be a complete paradigm shift – so a lot of work ahead, but this was a really interesting moment. I mean 85 percent of the American people support term limits,” he said in a Twitter video. “I think we’ve got to get at that source of the problem, which is people only care about their reelection and getting reelected [more] than doing the work of the people.”

As the Hill reports, Gallagher “introduced a joint resolution that would add a constitutional amendment that would limit members of the lower chamber from serving more than six terms and senators to two terms.” Any subsequent change would begin with the current class of freshman members.

And, via Politico:

As a presidential candidate, Trump vowed to push for a constitutional amendment that would extend term limits to all members of Congress. During a rally in October 2016, Trump called for placing a six-year limit for members of the House and 12-year limit for senators.

His missive on Monday appeared to be the first on the matter since he entered the West Wing.

PolitiFact, the fact-checking organization that has tracked the progress of the president’s campaign promises, rated his vow to push for congressional term limits as “stalled” as of earlier Monday, prior to Trump’s remarks.


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