MUST SEE: Following New Report, Conservatives Sound Off On ‘Truly Catastrophic’ Iran Deal

On Monday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shocked the world by exposing what Iran was still doing with their nuclear program, despite agreeing not to continue nuclear developments under the Iran nuclear agreement. By releasing more than 100,000 documents of secret arrangements, cover-ups, and lies, Netanyahu put the world on notice.

Per Washington Examiner:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelation of documents proving Iran worked on a nuclear warhead have fundamentally changed the debate ahead of President Trump’s May 12 deadline to determine whether or not to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Advocates of the Iran nuclear deal say that Netanyahu’s exposure of 100,000 documents is proof that the Iran deal worked because, they insist, the agreement ended such Iranian work. That is far from clear.

What is worrisome, however, is how proponents of the JCPOA ignore two problems: First is Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s previous insistence that Iran had never worked on nuclear weapons, and second was that former President Barack Obama accepted Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s supposed fatwa against nuclear weapons as evidence that Iran was sincere. In reality, Netanyahu’s bombshell shows both Zarif and Khamenei have lied repeatedly, raising questions about their honesty about every aspect of Iran’s nuclear program.

Check it out:

The bombshell discovery comes just weeks ahead of the May 12 deadline for renewing or renegotiating the deal.

While President Trump has not responded to the situation, Secretary of State Mike Pomeo has.

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Gov. Palin responded too:

Some Of Us Haven’t Changed Our Mind: Of Course Iran Would Cheat – Did You Think They Suddenly Had a Morality Transplant?

Still committed to do all I/we can to shine light on Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal that ultimately, irrevocably harms America’s interests.

I spoke in D.C. on September 9, 2015 about the folly and danger of this deal, then immediately afterward met with Donald Trump and Sen. Jeff Sessions in Session’s Senate office to further discuss this enormous Obama blunder. As predicted back then, fears are coming to fruition as explained yesterday in Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s PowerPoint.

Some of us haven’t changed our mind: We must ax the dishonest deal for America’s sake and the sake of our allies.

And lest we forget – Obama caved to Iran, he sent pallets of cash (billions of dollars! And no, we didn’t “owe” Iran this money and we weren’t “merely returning their money we were holding for them”… that is FAKE NEWS), he capitulated. Finally though, Iran’s lies are revealed.

Obama got us into the bogus Iran deal, Iran then moved their weapons to a secret location, and obviously the world became more dangerous.

Said it back then, I’ll say it again: End the Iran Nuke Deal.

This isn’t a time to go wobbly.

– Sarah Palin

As Conservative Review reports, conservative radio host Mark Levin – who attended the 2015 rally – said blame should be pitted solely on the Obama administration for allowing Iran to get nukes under the agreement.

“[Obama] provided them the money to get the nukes… and his people today are running around saying the fact that Iran lied about what it was doing is more reason we need the deal,” Levin said. “Have you ever heard anything so stupid in your life?”

Senator Ted Cruz, who also spoke during the DC rally, recently commented on the new Iranian deal revelations. He called them “stunning” and said the international nuclear agreement “is not just unfixable, but truly catastrophic.”

Check out Cruz’s comments below:

Here’s more on the 2015 Washington rally against the Iranian deal, from USA Today:

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Tea Party Republicans came together Wednesday to denounce a landmark foreign policy deal that is quickly becoming a major 2016 campaign issue: the Iran nuclear agreement.

“We are led by very, very stupid people,” Trump told several hundred Tea Party members gathered on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, calling the Iran deal “incompetently” negotiated.

Saying Iran will not honor its commitment to forgo nuclear weapons, Cruz told the crowd that the Iran deal represents “the single greatest national security threat facing America.”

Cruz, a Texas senator, noted that the deal eliminates economic sanctions on Iran, providing it millions of dollars to finance terrorist activities, and effectively making the Obama administration “the world’s largest financier of radical Islamic terrorism.”

And, from Breitbart:

Mrs. Palin goes to Washington. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will head to the nation’s capitol this week and she’s also expressing interest of possibly spending some more time in D.C. in the future. While speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Sunday, Palin took part in a rare interview from a mainstream outlet that was filled with substance rather than bias and gotcha questions.

During the segment, Palin announced that she will appear at a rally in Washington this week protesting the U.S. nuclear agreement with Iran. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will join Palin at the event along with several politicians, broadcasters, and other leaders concerned about a deal that President Obama has secured enough support for in the Senate to stop the GOP from blocking it.

Palin exclusively told Breitbart News that the American people will make themselves heard:

Think about it — what the heck are we even doing “negotiating” with an evil regime hellbent on destruction? The whole premise of this thing is wrong. It’s a long haul to D.C. for the rally but well worth it to take a stand against this asinine deal the President caved on. Our sworn enemy proclaiming, “Allah Akbar, death to America and death to Israel” still holds American hostages, boasts of using the $150 billion dollars we just freed up for them for nefarious uses, and laughs all the way to the banks of the Persian Gulf and beyond. Washington will hear the voices of “We The People” unified against this insanity. I look forward to joining Mr. Trump, Sen. Cruz, Mark Levin and other fed up patriots to rally the troops for America.

Read more here.

As far as the Iran deal, ahead of its May 12 deadline, Netanyahu said the deal should be “fully fixed or fully nixed.” During an interview with “Fox & Friends,” the Israeli Prime Minister said he trusts that Trump will “do the right thing.”

Here’s more on Netanyahu’s comments, per Fox News Insider:

Netanyahu revealed “dramatic” intelligence in a presentation Monday that accused Iran of “brazenly lying” about its nuclear weapons development.

He said the information — which was obtained within the past ten days — shows Iran also moved materials to a secret location and proves the country is not complying with the nuclear deal it signed in 2015.

“I trust [Trump’s] judgment. He’ll do the right thing for America, the right thing for Israel and the right thing for the security and peace of the entire world,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister slammed Iran, calling it a “tyrannical, anti-American regime” that “should not have nuclear weapons.”

“It’s either fully fixed or fully nixed,” he said.



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