Ahead Of The Game: Netanyahu Briefed Trump Months Ago About Iran’s ‘Nuclear Archive’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently made available hundreds of thousands of documents concerning the nation of Iran’s violation of the Iran nuclear agreement. While the agreement prevents the country from weaponizing their nuclear program, the new documents argue Iran is lying to the international community and is continuing to advance their nuclear capabilities despite the restrictions.

This information was only recently made public, but Axios reports Trump has known for months.

According to the report, Netanyahu shared the information with Trump privately in March so that he would have some time to sit on the information and decide the best course of action ahead of the May 12 deadline.

Per the report:

Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed President Trump two months ago on the capture of the Iranian “nuclear archive,” and decided to publicly expose the documents yesterday due to Trump’s May 12th deadline on possible U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Between the lines: An Israeli official tells me Israel wanted to publicly release the new intelligence after White House visits from French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel, both of whom tried to convince Trump not to withdraw. “We are facing a major decision by President Trump regarding the nuclear deal. Last week was for the Europeans, and this week is our week,” the official said.

During a meeting at White House on March 5th, Netanyahu presented Trump and his senior cabinet members — Vice President Pence, Secretary of Defense Mattis, then-Secretary of State Tillerson and then-National Security Adviser McMaster — with an initial analysis of the “Nuclear archive,” a senior Israeli official tells me.

Netanyahu spoke to Trump over the phone last Saturday and told him he would publish the intelligence later in the week.

A day later he met in Tel-Aviv with Secretary of State Pompeo and gave him a similar update. An Israeli official said the timing of the publication was coordinated with the White House.

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As Axios reports, the information was secretly obtained through an Israeli intelligence operation:

The Israeli Mossad discovered the existence of an Iranian “Nuclear archive” in February 2016, a short time after the nuclear deal started being implemented.

Israeli officials say the Mossad received intelligence that showed the Iranians were trying to hide all documents concerning the military dimensions of their nuclear program.

The official said that in a highly secret operation known to a handful of Iranian officials, the Iranians transferred tens of thousands of documents and CD’s from several different sites around the country to a civilian warehouse in Tehran. The Israeli official said the Iranians did all that because they were afraid IAEA inspectors would find the documents.

The Mossad put the warehouse under surveillance and started preparing for a possible operation to seize the documents. According to Israeli officials, more than 100 Mossad spies worked on this operation and, in January 2018, it was implemented.

A senior Israeli intelligence official said the Mossad managed to put its hands on most of the documents in the warehouse. “We didn’t take everything because it was too heavy”, he said.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Netanyahu said the “tyrannical, anti-American regime should not have nuclear weapons.”

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