Homeowner Holds Would-Be Intruder At Gun Point For Minutes Until Police Arrive

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“When seconds count, the police are minutes away,” that old adage proved true for one North Carolina homeowner who defended his home with the use of a firearm.

Amid the gun control debate happening across the country, this man proved once again the importance of responsible gun ownership by preventing a would-be intruder.

Owen Turman heroically defended his family with the use of a firearm and held the intruder at gun point until local law enforcement were able to arrive on the scene and arrest the man.

As Statesville reports, the man described waking up the morning of the event to the sound of his dog barking unusually. It was still early in the morning and Turman decided to see what the fuss was about.

That’s when Turman saw a stranger in his sunroom attempting to break into the home.

The quick-thinking homeowner retrieved his firearm, a .22-caliber bolt-action rifle, and confronted the man.

“I saw him turn the handle on my door and twist real hard trying to get in,” Turman said, per Statesville. “When I saw that, I instantly put my rifle up at him.”

Here’s what happened next:

He asked the man what he was doing, told him to get away from the door and to lie on the ground. The stranger followed orders, but didn’t answer questions, like who he was or what he was doing. Turman, still in his underwear, called police.

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And he waited.

His fiancé and two daughters, one 6 years old and the other an infant, remained inside, unaware of what had unfolded outside.

“My main concern was I have to protect my home and my family,” Turman said. “The only thing I was thinking (was) keeping my family safe.”

He couldn’t help but worry about the possibility of his oldest daughter coming downstairs and finding her dad pointing a gun at another man. He was worried he’d have to shoot someone in front of his little girl.

“I want her to know home is a safe place,” he said.

According to the report, a county deputy showed up sometime later and arrested the would-be intruder, Jason Elihue Millsaps, 22, who now faces charges of breaking and entering, possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting a public officer.

Here’s more:

His arrest report said he had consumed drugs or alcohol before the arrest.

Turman said it seemed that the man was “drugged up” because he couldn’t answer questions coherently. He added that his home surveillance video recorded Millsaps peeking into the family vehicles.

Turman, who has had trouble sleeping since the incident, said he knows things could have ended differently.

Turman reportedly said he was glad to be a gunowner who was able to defend his home, his family and his belongings. Luckily, the situation ended with no one shot. But, “If it came down to it, my family is most important,” Turman said, “[and] I would have taken the shot if it came down to it.”


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