Majority Leader On The Elections: ‘It’s Going To Be About Results Vs. Resistance’

The highly-anticipated congressional elections are just a few months away and it seems Democrats have no message to combat a growing list of Republican-led successes. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy boiled down the elections as “results vs. resistance.”

Which would you choose?

“Well, the Senate has a much different map,” McCarthy said in an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, per Fox News. “The map that they are playing is a much better map. House has a history against them, where the party in power normally loses seats — I mean the party that has the White House.”

McCarthy then said there were two examples from prior years where the party in power was not voted out of office…

“But there’s two times that’s been different. When you look at what this election is going to be about, it’s going to be about results vs. resistance, Pelosi’s resistance. And look at what results we have economically.”

…and that is when the party in power is producing results for the American people.

“The last time there was a party in power that had economic growth at 4 percent, they actually gained seats,” McCarthy explained. “But take this one statistic. In the last 49 years of America, unemployment has only been below 4 percent eight months, eight months in 49 years.”

“Wow, that’s incredible,” Bartiromo responded.

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The unemployment figure was not the only one the majority leader boasted, but a few others which the administration was able to quietly achieve.

“It’s unbelievable the results that have been achieved. Unemployment claims, 44-year low,” McCarthy said. “But what I’m more proud about, it cuts across all parts of America, if you’re African-American, Hispanic, woman, some of the best unemployment you have ever seen. If you didn’t have — if you just had a high school degree, one of the best opportunities.”

“So we have got a unique opportunity going forward. And think what we did,” he continued. “We rebuilt our military. Think about what we did with the VA. It used to be, a G.I. Bill only 15 years, you had to use it or you lost it. No, we have made it a lifetime.”

“Or think of what we have done to combat human trafficking, modern-day slavery, where people are actually traded — 70 percent of it happens because of the Internet. We shut that down.”

“Or we have done the most to end opioid epidemic of any Congress before us. We have got more work to do, but if you measure our results vs. Pelosi’s resistance, not one Democrat voted for that economic package.”

Amazing progress is being made, so what exactly are Democrats claiming to resist? Here’s more from McCarthy via the Fox News transcript:

MCCARTHY: So everybody who got a bonus, those 49 states that have lower electrical bills, not one Democrat voted for that. They thought it was Armageddon.

BARTIROMO: Yes, I wonder if the people hold them to account for that, because you’re right. Nobody voted for this. And we’re actually seeing needle move on economic growth.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve yesterday comes out and says, we’re increasing our expectation for the economy for the third quarter to 4.6 percent. That’s going to be two straight quarters of better than 4 percent growth. That’s incredible.

MCCARTHY: If that doesn’t do enough for people, think about what their agenda is.

First, they are very clear, because they put it across the desk, they want to abolish ICE. So those MS-13 members that come across, those kids that have been trafficked that get stopped that ICE saves, or what about all that fentanyl that ICE saves in the process?

They want to — 167 voted present in the process. The other thing they want to do, they want to impeach this president. They voted on it twice already. They forced the vote to the floor.

McCarthy touted similar pro-growth numbers during an interview on “Fox & Friends”:


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