Judge Jeanine GOES OFF On AG Jeff Sessions: ‘You Should Just Leave. Where’s Your Dignity?’

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro vocalized what several supporters of the Trump administration have been thinking when she sounded off on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

During a “Fox & Friends” segment on Friday, Pirro said Sessions was “sitting back” and was not doing enough to help President Trump. She said he should leave his post leading the Justice Department.

She also said, as the Daily Caller News Foundation reports, that President Trump has been “extremely patient” with Sessions over the past two years, but that “it’s time for him to lose patience.”

Pirro also said U.S. Attorney John Huber was fumbling his investigation of Obama-era surveillances abuses, saying he should have had results by now.

PJ Media reports Huber was tasked by Sessions to look in alleged nefarious activity by the former administration:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions tasked Huber with reviewing Obama-era surveillance abuses and the Uranium One scandal late last year and many of President Trump’s supporters are depending on him to get to the bottom of the corruption. Some on social media are even convinced that Huber, an Obama holdover, has been quietly gathering a damning mountain of evidence that is going to blow the deep state conspiracy wide open with massive amounts of collateral damage in and out of the government — right before the election.

Pirro said, per the DCNF, “There’s no question when you do an investigation … you start on the perimeter and as you go in with time you get to your targets. But you interview everyone else so when you get your target you know they’re lying to you and they’re full of it,”.

“How much time do you think he needs to figure this out? How difficult is this?” she added.

And: “The FBI and the DOJ have been fighting any FOIA requests. We need [Judicial Watch President] Tom Fitton to go to a federal judge to get the information that we’re hearing. They could get this stuff like that. But [FBI Director] Christopher Wray, Jeff Sessions are sitting back and allowing Americans to lose total faith in the Department of Justice and the FBI.”

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“Shame on them for what they’re doing. And by the way, Jeff Sessions, here’s the bottom line. If the guy doesn’t want you, you should just leave. Where’s your dignity?” Pirro concluded. “The president has been extremely patient but you know what, it’s time for him to lose patience.”


The Judge’s comments come after it was found out via congressional testimony that Bruce Ohr had not been contacted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller or by the Huber investigation.

Fox New’s Lou Dobbs and D.C. attorney Victoria Toensing of diGenova & Toensing similarly commented that the Justice Department was failing in its duty to adequately protect the Trump administration and restore the American people’s trust in the justice system.

Dobbs asked, “What exactly are Mueller and Huber doing if they’re not questioning key officials in the Department of Justice?”

Not enough, the lawyer responded. Here’s more, from PJ Media:

The attorney replied that she wasn’t surprised about Mueller because his mandate is just to go after President Trump and the Russians, but said she was “absolutely shocked — shocked” that Huber had not spoken with Bruce Our or Nellie Ohr. Even worse, he hasn’t contacted her client Doug Campbell, the FBI whistleblower in the Uranium One case.
“And now — nine months later — not only has [neither] Bruce Ohr [nor] Nellie Ohr been interviewed, but my client in Uranium One … has not been interviewed,” Toensing exclaimed. “Now, how can you even evaluate those two issues without talking to those three people?! It’s a sham! — it’s a Potemkin Village! It’s a Potemkin investigation! I’m appalled!” she added.
Toensing had a message for Republicans in Congress: “You’ve been snookered! Get the department to tell you why these people have not been interviewed nine months into the evaluation,” she advised.


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