#MemoGate: NY Lawyer COMPLETELY Debunks Democrats’ Latest Attempt To Trap Kavanaugh

Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy was one of a handful of Senators to try and trap the United States nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a scandal commonly known as #MemoGate.

The scandal involved Republican back-channeling more than 17 years ago. According to reports, Republicans acquired private information within a Democrat email chain. It is unclear whether the information was, as Leahy argued, stolen or whether it was voluntarily given over to Republicans by a sympathizer within the Democrat Party (it is common in Washington to have insiders in the other party).

The Vermont Democrat argued that the email was in fact stolen from his office and was provided to Kavanaugh where he used the information to garner an advantage in an upcoming interview. Leahy pushed further and even questioned whether Kavanaugh knew the email was stolen and why he did not report the stolen contents to authorities.

The trap has been sprung…

Kavanaugh denied knowing the email contents were stolen and he said he would have of course acted accordingly should he have had any suspicion otherwise.

During the committee hearing, Leahy presented Kavanaugh with an email chain that showed he (Kavanaugh) was cc’d in the emails, but only responded once in the chain. In the text of the email, Kavanaugh simply asked where the information came from and it is unclear in the exchange whether he was given an answer.

New York lawyer David Lat took to Twitter and completely debunk the #MemoGate scandal. Lat is also a writer, editor, and speaker on issues relating to law, federal judiciary, clerks, and politics. Check it out:

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