TRIGGERED: University Students Claim They Are Being Marginalized By Ice Cream Flavors

Some students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are fighting back against the school for perceived discrimination and marginalization. The problem? The students are not able to eat their favorite flavors of ice cream due to the school’s refusal to comply with their nutritional demands.

These students say because the university-owned ice creamery makes some of their flavors using a beef gelatin, some students who cannot eat beef for dietary or religious reasons are left without an option to eat the flavor.

How oppressing.

“Yes, we’ve become so far removed from reality on college campuses that students are now fighting against oppressive ice cream. Talk about First World problems,” the Daily Wire wrote in a report.

So, some students gathered, crafted legislation titled “Ice Cream for All,” and demanded the school to change.

In the proposal, the students insist the school-run Babcock Dairy use “inclusive” ingredients so that all students (“Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Vegetarian, and Vegan students”) can enjoy all flavors.

Check it out, from Daily Wire:

As reported by The Washington Times, eight members of the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) presented their resolution last week. During the bizarre meeting, ASM members argue over their apparent right to ice cream and the seedy nature of Babcock Dairy.

But here’s where things really get insane: As confirmed by those in attendance at the meeting, and a spokesperson for the university, the school already has gelatin-free ice cream options available. In fact, when one of the members noted that Babcock Dairy already serves non-gelatin flavors, he was immediately shot down.

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While the group admits to having viable alternatives which do not include the beef gelatin, it claims they should not be limited to only certain flavors.

“So, that’s true, but that’s a small fraction of the flavors available,” said one of the members, per the report. “And very often those are less popular than the normal flavors. And the fact that, and if someone says there are non-gelatin flavors, it seems kind of disingenuous to say, ‘You shouldn’t have to be able to eat all of the flavors, you have to make due with just these few flavors’ — because they’re not the same; they’re totally different. So, personally, my favorite flavor ice cream is strawberry, and strawberry has gelatin in it. So, should I be deprived of strawberry ice cream from Babcock Dairy? I personally don’t believe so.”

For the university to comply with the arbitrary standard posed by the students, it would have to produce all flavors without violating any dietary restrictions for any student (even those lactose-free?) or refuse to serve the ice cream altogether.

Many people online were left unimpressed by the college students and expressed worry for the next generation:


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