Trump’s Wave Must Be Bold Red, Not Pale Pennsylvania Pearl Pastels

Beware of RINOs in elephant’s clothing. They are running amok in Pennsylvania. President Trump needs reinforcements in Congress. He needs Republicans. But that doesn’t mean voters should blindly vote for candidates who happen to have the letter ‘R’ next to their name.

Pennsylvania went Red in 2016 and along with Wisconsin and Michigan, the Keystone State put Trump over the top. Now in 2018, Trump needs strong patriots in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in order to continue implementing the Make America Great Again agenda.

On the heels of the Kavanaugh hearings, conservatives are energized. The disgusting treatment of Brett Kavanaugh from the left has exposed the Democrat party for what it is. Republican candidates in the mid-term election could benefit greatly at the ballot box come November. Many GOP hopefuls are fantastic people that will support President Trump every step of the way. However, there are some that make Susan Murkowski look like Calvin Coolidge. These phonies must be turned away on Election Day.

Pennsylvania has some tremendous pro-Trump candidates running this year. Rep. Lou Barletta, a U.S. Senate hopeful, has unabashedly supported Trump. There are numerous others throughout the state who also back Trump. Pearl Kim is not one of those candidates.


Kim is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 5th District. She is running as a Republican. The problem is< she has absolutely no passion for Trump’s vision and she’s pretty brazen about it. Kim is not defending Trump. She’s not talking about how she’s going to work with him if she’s elected. Instead, she’s pretty much ignoring the man who has had the most successful early run of any modern occupant of the White House. While the MAGA phenomenon continues to deliver, Kim avoids Trump more than John Kasich avoids table manners. She is a classic establishment fraud.

Pearl Kim does not follow President Trump on Twitter. She does however follow leftwing candidates like Rashida Tlaib. She also follows the failing New York Times and liberal hero Van Jones. On Kim’s Facebook page, she shows no Trump love. She does however feature pictures of herself with Jones and other liberal favorites. In a picture with Katie Couric, Kim calls Couric a trail blazer who “set an example for future generations of women leaders”. Pearl adds it was “a privilege meeting and speaking with her”. This is the same Couric who set-up Sarah Palin in 2008 with her infamous gotcha interview. This is the same Couric who sat idly by while Matt Lauer stalked his prey. But Kim, who calls herself a Republican and touts her tough stances on crimes against women, has no problems palling around with a woman who trashed Palin and who calls creepy Lauer a friend.

The most interesting picture on Kim’s Facebook page however, is one that features Kim and others with none other than the Trump-hating super Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Kim captions the photo with “we did all agree that diversity of views and perspectives is much-needed in Congress”. Really? Diversity of views? Including SOCIALISM???

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People of different political stripes should absolutely talk and engage with each other. We should certainly be civil to one another. It’s the Democrats who try to tear down good people like Palin and Kavanaugh. It’s the far-left Antifa that uses violence and threats instead of reasoning. But tolerating and having a love-fest are two different things. Pearl Kim hides from Trump but brags about her elbow rubbing with Democrats, liberals, and even Socialists. This is not the type of person Trump needs in Washington.

Most telling about Kim’s lack of credibility is her choice to avoid the subject of Trump. A RINO who flat out says they don’t like Trump has more integrity than a politician like Kim who avoids the topic all together. For a first time candidate, she has the politician ick factor down to a science. Pearl Kim is an east coast version of Jeff Flake.

Mama Grizzly Radio reached out to Kim several times. The network asked her to clarify her feelings on Trump and Palin. MGR also asked Kim to speak about the Second Amendment and abortion. All attempts to reach Kim were ignored. Several Pennsylvania resident who wrote to Kim with similar questions were also left to wonder. The candidate did not respond. She has time for Jones and Couric but apparently no time for Trump backers.

Sadly, fake Republicans running in Pennsylvania is nothing new. From the state level to DC, many Pennsylvania GOP pols are nothing more than Democrat Lite. Current U.S. Senator Pat Toomey didn’t endorse Trump until the last day of the 2016 race. Disgraced Congressman Pat Meehan claims he wrote in Mike Pence for prez. The state rep in part of the area where Kim is running is a gun grabber. State Representative Jamie Santora also brags that he is endorsed by several anti-gun groups and the ultra-liberal Pennsylvania State Education Association. This passes as a Republican in some parts of Pennsylvania. For the record, Santora also avoids Trump at all costs.

The comical thing is, after Kim and Santora lose next month, you can bet they will both blame redistricting and yes, Trump for their loss. While unfair redistricting will certainly boost Democrats, Trump will not be to blame at all. Ridiculous liberal policies will be to blame. When voters don’t have a choice, Republicans can not win. You need a Reagan. You need a Trump. When people have bad vs. less bad, they usually just stick with bad. We’ve seen it time and time again, yet parts of Pennsylvania have still not learned.

Much of the Republican party in Pennsylvania has been spineless for some time now. In 2016, lawns featuring Trump signs rarely had many others. Lawns with Toomey. Meehan, and Santora signs rarely had Trump ones. They were playing it safe. If Trump lost they could’ve said “told ya so” and go back to politics a usual. Instead he won, his way. He put the people first. The exact opposite of what these fakers do.

Next month’s election is a big one. A red wave will absolutely help President Trump move forward. There are many amazing candidates throughout the country. Most of the Republicans running are worthy of your vote. Kim is not one of them. A Democrat winning any seat is not ideal, but what’s the real difference in this case? If Kim wins, she will oppose Trump for years. If the Dem wins, perhaps Pennsylvania will wise up and run an actual conservative in two years, making her stay in Washington a short one. Unfortunately, we needed Obama to get to Trump. America had to hit rock bottom before we finally had the guts to elect someone who actually puts America first. Pennsylvania may have to elect a Democrat in order to get an actual conservative in two years. Trump can still get a majority in the House and Senate in this election cycle without Kim. Along the way, Pennsylvania may finally get over its RINO obsession. Then hopefully there will be a real choice in 2020. For 2018, I’ll be writing in Kanye West.


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