Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.
Psalm 95:2

Four hundred years ago a courageous group of men and women fleeing religious persecution set a new course for human history in a new frontier. Those early pioneers landed upon a rocky shoreline and set about establishing their new life. Centuries later, America sets the example of what can come from a free and hardworking people. We are the shining city upon a hill that the colonial leader John Winthrop implored us to be.

What started as a small colony grew into the most exceptional nation in history. We have so much to be thankful for! God’s mercy and grace and His hand of protection granted us this exceptionalism. Be grateful. He trusted us with rich natural food an energy resources, fertile land, foundations for beautiful cities, and the talented and industrious people we call “our fellow Americans.” We pray that God will continue to bless America.

In his farewell address, President Reagan reminded us that “all great change in America begins at the dinner table.” The Thanksgiving season – traditionally centered around an overflowing table – can be a time of collective contemplation about where we are as a nation and where we should be in order to remain prosperous and free. Take time to discuss these things with each other, especially the young people in your family. They may not be taught in school the truth about our nation’s foundation and her history – so you do the teaching. At Thanksgiving dinner, our family goes around the table with mandatory participation in “I am thankful for….” This year I’m adding to it, no matter how many eyes will roll when I give the instructions. Everyone will be asked to think of ways our nation can be better and more deserving of blessings. Before the first bite of mashed potatoes, I want to hear what each individual plans to do about it.

Sweet Freedom in Action
Today, offer up prayers of happy thanksgiving for God’s great blessings to our exceptional nation – and let’s pray to make America better and more worthy of God’s favor.