WHOA! Democrat Rep. Suggested Poisoning GOP Rep’s Family During Debate

Democrat Stephanie Kifowit is being pressured to resign after she said she wanted to poison the family of a Republican colleague, Peter Breen.

As Fox News reports, the Illinois state lawmakers were debating on a bill designed to help families who have been affected by a Legionella outbreak.

In the legislative chamber, Kifowit said should like to make Breen a “broth of Legionella” and infect “his loved ones” so he would better understand what other families are going through.

BizPac Review reports Kifowit’s comment was in reaction to Breen refusing to support legislation which would raise the cap on civil cases:

Kifowit was reacting to a remark Peter Breen had made, suggesting that ambulance-chasing lawyers would try to shake down the government for higher payouts.

“Yes, we know the personal injury lawyers are going to make out like bandits, which they tend to do anytime they come to the General Assembly,” Breen said.

Republicans are concerned about the cost of the plan, which would raise the cap on damages in civil cases to $2 million from $100,000.

The debate concerned a bill meant to help the families of 14 people who died and others who got sick following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at the Illinois Veteran Home in Quincy in 2015.

Kifowit responded: “To the representative from Lombard, I would like to make him a broth of Legionella and pump it into the water system of his loved one so that they can be infected, they can be mistreated, they can sit and suffer by getting aspirin instead of being properly treated and ultimately die.”

According to Fox News, Breen took the comment personally and accused Kifowit of wishing death on his loved ones.

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Later, Kifowit clarified online that she meant the comment to be “hypothetical” and denied ever wishing “his family death.”

“In response to remarks against giving restitution by Rep Breen I stated ‘imagine if it was your family’ as a hypothetical because it did happen to families,” she tweeted. “I never stated anything to wish his family death.”

“My words were twisted and misrepresented but keep in mind – he was angry at the thought,” the Democrat added. “For the families of the Veterans who died and the individuals that were sickened – this is reality.”

The initial comment quickly stoked an outrage and the Illinois Republican Party requested Kifowit resign. From Fox News:

Republican Rep. Jeanne Ives also took offense to Kifowit’s remarks, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“How dare you. How dare you concoct up some sort of story about brewing up some batch of Legionella and having him feed it to his family,” Ives said. “How dare you take the discussion and the debate about a very serious bill that has a huge cost consequence on both sides, both for the victim and the state taxpayers. How dare you take an honest debate about an issue and then wish death on my colleague Peter Breen, his wife and his two adopted kids.”

In a tweet, the Illinois Republican Party called on Kifowit to resign.

BizPac Review reports the latest comment from the Democrat lawmaker follows a pattern from those on the Left:

Stephanie Kifowit’s death wish is the latest example in an unending series of violent leftist rhetoric that has been ratcheting up against Republicans.

As BizPac Review reported, Hillary Clinton recently called for civil war and mob violence against Republicans.

Hillary’s calls to mob bullying were followed up by violent rhetoric from Congressman Maxine Waters and former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, who urged Democrats to get violent with Republicans.