Stop With The Orwellian Morphing, Google. This Is America!

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Stop with the Orwellian morphing, Google. This is America! Here, censorship is to liberty as lying is to integrity.

Google Censors John Stossel’s YouTube Video on Socialism

Google’s out of control. There’s nothing wrong with John Stossel’s video on socialism, except it makes Big Tech snowflakes melt.

Friends, please share Stossel’s video. He and Peter Schweizer are brilliant at explaining the horrors and nonsense of socialism.

Btw, Stossel’s a good guy. We share a sweet libertarian streak. We both oppose burdensome, intrusive government – and burdensome, intrusive politicians.

Years ago I called Stossel to argue government’s overall role in the regulatory arena after he’d made a blanket anti-regulation comment. I had served as chairman of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and always been fierce about holding Big Oil accountable so America’s resource development is based on scientific, environmentally-friendly grounds, not politics… period. I argued the need for stringent oversight to prove responsible oil development is the norm. What WON my argument, though, was convincing Stossel regulation was necessary in our oceans’ waters because, as a commercial fisherman, I’d seen firsthand what happens when greedy foreign corporations take advantage of lax rules. Japanese vessels used to essentially rape our ocean floor while commercial fishing in our waters. For years their waste and byproducts were sickening. Then government got serious and cleaned up the mess they’d allowed, and our fishing industry AND our waters thrived again. Using that example, Stossel graciously admitted I was right ~ loved the guy ever since!

– Sarah Palin