BREATHING FIRE: Trump TORCHES Mueller Over ‘Conflicts Of Interest’

President Trump is seemingly at his wits’ end with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation, as the president expressed on Friday morning his continued frustrations with those involved with the investigation.

In a series of tweets, Trump swiped Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey, attorney Andrew Weissmann (who is in a management role in the special counsel investigation), Hillary Clinton, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, former CIA Director John Brennan, and the former United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“Robert Mueller and Leakin’ Lyin’ James Comey are Best Friends, just one of many Mueller Conflicts of Interest,” Trump contended in an initial tweet. “by the way, wasn’t the woman in charge of prosecuting Jerome Corsi (who I do not know) in charge of “legal” at the corrupt Clinton Foundation? A total Witch Hunt.”

“Will Robert Mueller’s big time conflicts of interest be listed at the top of his Republicans only Report,” the president asked. “Will Andrew Weissman’s horrible and vicious prosecutorial past be listed in the Report. He wrongly destroyed people’s lives, took down great companies, only to be overturned, 9-0, in the United States Supreme Court.”

“Doing same thing to people now. Will all of the substantial & many contributions made by the 17 Angry Democrats to the Campaign of Crooked Hillary be listed in top of Report,” Trump asked. “Will the people that worked for the Clinton Foundation be listed at the top of the Report?”

“Will the scathing document written about Lyin’ James Comey, by the man in charge of the case, Rod Rosenstein (who also signed the FISA Warrant), be a big part of the Report? Isn’t Rod therefore totally conflicted?” he continued.

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“Will all of the lying and leaking by the people doing the Report, & also Bruce Ohr (and his lovely wife Molly), Comey, Brennan, Clapper, & all of the many fired people of the FBI, be listed in the Report? Will the corruption within the DNC & Clinton Campaign be exposed?..And so much more!”

In a later tweet, Trump addressed criticisms that he and his legal team were not constructing an opposing report to the final Mueller report.

“It has been incorrectly reported that Rudy Giuliani and others will not be doing a counter to the Mueller Report,” Trump said. “That is Fake News. Already 87 pages done, but obviously cannot complete until we see the final Witch Hunt Report.”

Fox News reports “the woman” Trump was referring to is probably Jeannie Rhee:

The president, for months, has blasted Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey suggesting they have a very close relationship. The two have worked together for years—dating back to at least 2003, when Mueller was FBI director and Comey was deputy attorney general.

Meanwhile, “the woman” Trump claims is overseeing the potential prosecution of Corsi, an ally of GOP political operative Roger Stone, is likely Jeannie Rhee, a federal prosecutor on Mueller’s team. Rhee is a former partner at WilmerHale—the high-profile law firm where Mueller worked prior to taking on the special counsel role. Fox News reported earlier this year that Rhee had represented the Clinton Foundation in 2015 in a racketeering suit brought by conservative legal activist group Freedom Watch in 2015. Rhee also represented former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a lawsuit seeking access to her private emails.


Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, who allegedly was a key player regarding the controversial anti-Trump dossier — which was paid for by the Clinton campaign through law firm Perkins Coie and commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS — has also come under scrutiny in recent months. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, not “Molly” as the president tweeted, has worked for Fusion GPS.