Christopher Steele ADMITS To Being Hired To Change Outcome Of 2016 Presidential Election — Mainstream Media SILENT

On Monday, it was learned that former British intelligence spy Christopher Steele was hired by Fusion GPS and the Democratic National Committee with the sole reason of affecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

It was information from Steele’s efforts that later led to the FISA warrant used on the Trump campaign. Some people also allege that Steele’s dossier helped initiate the Mueller investigation, alongside a Trump campaign official telling an Austrailian diplomat that Russians had Clinton’s emails.

Steele admitted, during a defamation court hearing between law firm Fusion GPS and three Russian individuals, that he was hired “to challenge the validity of the outcome of” the 2016 presidential election.

From Twitchy:

First off, let’s remind all of the people who are going to claim that the Washington Free Beacon originally hired FusionGPS to do opposition research on Donald Trump that they ended that relationship well before Christopher Steele was hired to compile a fake dossier on then-candidate Trump, so put that tired talking point away.

We also know that both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC were the ones who paid for the Steele dossier through the law firm Perkins Coie.

And now, thanks to a defamation lawsuit brought by three Russian bankers, we have Steele on record saying that “he was hired by a Democratic law firm in preparation for Hillary Clinton challenging the results of the 2016 presidential election,” the Washington Times reports.

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When Steele was asked why he was hired, court documents show that he answered, via the Washington Times: “Fusion’s immediate client was law firm Perkins Coie. It engaged Fusion to obtain information necessary for Perkins Coie LLP to provide legal advice on the potential impact of Russian involvement on the legal validity of the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election.”

He continued: “Based on that advice, parties such as the Democratic National Committee and HFACC Inc. (also known as ‘Hillary for America’) could consider steps they would be legally entitled to take to challenge the validity of the outcome of that election.”

Check it out:

President Trump commented on Steele in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning where he said the contents of Steele’s infamous dossier was unproven. Trump subsequently argued that if the contents of the dossier were untrue, then there should have never been a FISA warrant into his campaign or the Mueller investigation.

“Russia Dossier reporter now doubts dopey Christopher Steele’s claims! “When you get into the details of the Steele Dossier, the specific allegations, we have not seen the evidence to support them,” Trump tweeted, quoting Michael Isikoff. “There’s good grounds to think that some of the more sensational allegations WILL NEVER BE PROVEN AND ARE LIKELY FALSE.”

Trump added: “Thank you to Michael Isikoff, Yahoo, for honesty. What this means is that the FISA WARRANTS and the whole Russian Witch Hunt is a Fraud and a Hoax which should be ended immediately. Also, it was paid for by Crooked Hillary & DNC!”

And, “Michael Isikoff was the first to report Dossier allegations and now seriously doubts the Dossier claims. The whole Russian Collusion thing was a HOAX, but who is going to restore the good name of so many people whose reputations have been destroyed?”

Mainstream media has widely covered the Mueller investigation into Trump campaign members like General Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen, but seem mum on the apparent wrongdoing with the Clinton campaign.


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