CNN Tries To Stick It To Fox News, Runs Right Into FACTS

CNN may have thought that ganging up on Fox News personality and contributor Dan Bongino was a good idea, but they were quickly convinced into thinking otherwise.

The social media scrap started when CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy teased Fox News employees for having a guest pull in bigger viewer numbers than their other hosts.

“I wonder what Fox employees think about a non-Fox employee hosting Fox’s biggest show for two nights in a row,” Darcy tweeted in response to Bongino hosting back-to-back segments, filling in for Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Check it out:

CNN’s Brian Stelter chimed in as well, inferring Bongino was not covering up-to-date news.

“Someone should tell him about Mattis, he hasn’t mentioned it yet,” CNN’s chief media correspondent and host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” said.

Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who regularly responds to critics online, responded: “Someone should tell CNN about their awful ratings. Now that would be a great story for ‘Reliable’ Sources.”

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Stelter came back with a breakdown of the viewership demographics, noting Bongino ranked behind MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Andrew Cuomo with people between the ages of 25 to 54—the largest demographic for television.

“Dan, your hour was #3 in the 25-54 demo last night, behind Maddow and Cuomo. Why are you tweeting about ratings? You’re just pointing out that your hour was in third place,”

Incoming right hook from Bongino…

“Brian, That’s a good one,” the guest host tweeted. “Especially the part where you have to dig for the demo breakdown and avoid the total audience. Do you know what they call the network that finishes third in a three war race? They call it last. But sometimes they abbreviate it like this -> CNN.”

The knockout blow was dealt by the Daily Caller’s Amber Athey, who reminded Bongino that the third place news ranking still puts CNN outside of the top 20 viewed networks.

“Not only is it third place in a three-way race, but it’s a veryyy distant third,” the Daily Caller breaking news editor said. “No shows in the top 20. Down in total audience across the year. Failed to crack top 5 in primetime or total day. Routinely loses to Nickelodeon and HGTV.”

“Also, since we are talking about the 25-54 demo, it’s worth noting that CNN had the biggest losses in that category across the year,” she added.

Here is how some people online responded to the tiff:



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