Report: 1 Month Of Food Stamps Costs MORE Than What Trump Wants For 1 Year On Wall

The fiscal year 2019 just started—only two months in—and the federal government already spent more money on food stamps each month than President Trump is asking to cover an entire year’s worth of border funding.

As the Western Journal reports, the federal government spent $5.8 billion on food stamps in the month of October and $5.4 billion in November. These figures are larger than the $5 billion Trump is requesting for the initial installment for a new wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and the former is more than the $5.7 billion that the House voted to allocate for the wall.

Per the report:

On Friday, CNS News Editor-in-Chief Terence P. Jeffrey pointed out a staggering statistic: Despite constant foot-dragging in Congress, the sum requested by Trump for the southern border security wall is just a drop in the bucket compared to how much the nation spends on food stamps.

“The federal government spent more money on the food stamp program in October, which was the first month of fiscal 2019, than President Donald Trump now wants the Congress to approve for the border wall for the entirety of fiscal 2019,” he wrote.

Sure enough, information from the Department of the Treasury confirmed that the federal government spent $5,892,000,000 on food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

And that was just for one month.

$5.8 billion spent in one month!

“In November, according to the statement for that month, the federal government spent another $5,428,000,000 on the food stamp program, bringing the total so far for fiscal 2019 (after only two months) to $11,320,000,000 — or an average of $5,660,000,000 per month,” the CNS news editor-in-chief continued.

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Last year, in the fiscal year 2018, the Western Journal reports the federal government spent a whopping $68 billion on the food stamp program—three times more than the entire cost of the border wall.

The $68 billion spent last year is larger than the average cost of the SNAP program, which regularly runs the government at least $65 billion a year.

From the report:

These facts fly in the face of lawmakers who have repeatedly insisted that America can’t afford the wall project to safeguard the border.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called $5 billion for the wall “exorbitant” on Wednesday.

“(T)he president held out for $5 billion for his wall, at the exorbitant cost of $31 million per mile, straight from the American taxpayer’s pocket,” he declared.

Schumer did not specify how much money was acceptable when it came to securing the nation he swore an oath to protect.

In a series of posts, Trump said “nothing else” will work to secure the border as effective as a wall as he and lawmakers continue to negotiate a conclusion to the current shutdown.

“The Democrats are trying to belittle the concept of a Wall, calling it old-fashioned. The fact is there is nothing else’s that will work, and that has been true for thousands of years,” Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning. “It’s like the wheel, there is nothing better.”

He added: “Properly designed and built Walls work, and the Democrats are lying when they say they don’t. In Israel, the Wall is 99.9% successful. Will not be any different on our Southern Border! Hundreds of $Billions saved!”


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    CRAIG, Colorado In a quiet valley tucked away from Colorado’s bustling ski resorts, Far from his hometown in upper Mexico, Trinidad Loya found a way to support his family’s American dream: fossil fuel.

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    The coal plant is summary, by the mine that feeds it and has nearly 115 more employees, And all the workers will lose their jobs over the next decade, According to Tri State Generation and transmission Association Inc. Which to some extent owns and operates the Craig Station.

    That will mean a tough move for the Loyas and other workers who’ve made a life in Craig, A rural town with a folks 9,000 that draws elk hunters from nearly to its scenic surroundings.

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    The impact spreads beyond the plants workers and is felt by other community, as well. into Craig, Much of the structure of the county is supported by the coal plant workers, Who make typically $100,000 the perfect yeanyr, balanced with a $40,000 average salary around the county.

    becoming, Some staff members will retire, when, Like the younger Loyas, Must find a new way to support their own families, even leave Craig behind.

    On saturday, The most youthful Loya, Started an apprenticeship position at another Tri State owned facility around the state in Pueblo some 300 miles (483 a long way) away from Craig where he lives with his wife and two children, yrs 7 and 3. When he’s no longer working as a sub station technician there, He plans on making the five hour drive to get back and see his family. He took a pay cut for the positioning.

    He’s ready hope a job opens at the Craig plant due to job movement within the plant. at the same time, He’ll stay with a sister in Pueblo and hope all went well.

    “It felt right to our family at that moment, Loya defined.

    Craig sits in the heart of Colorado’s western front, Only 40 ranges (64 kms) From the best selling Steamboat Springs ski area.

    Cows and lambs graze on farmlands. Creeks stream out of your nearby rivers. Deer traverse downtown Craig at night, Munching on grass and curiously peeking around closed stores and offices. The rural escape is why more and more who grow up in Craig choose to stay.

    In wintertime, town, Known as the elk hunting capital worldwide, Houses thousands of hunter groups donned in camouflage and bright orange who come to the area looking for game. Tens of thousands of hunters stay in the town’s hotels and frequent the local dinning establishments. in a Colorado Parks and Wildlife report, The hunting business enterprise brought $136 million to northwest Colorado in 2017.

    Moffat County comprises of millions of acres of public lands, And its vitamins of high volatility and low sulfur coal brought the industry to town and sustained families for decades.

    the city has reinvented itself before.

    What was once a last stop on the Denver and Salt Lake Railway which allowed for nationwide lawn care exports like wool, Soon the area became a money maker for the oil industry and then a method of uranium. The oil fields and uranium mills left Craig by the 1960s as entails changed, But owing to 1970s, Coal was king in colorado with companies buying up mines and others like Colorado Ute Electric Association purchasing lands to build a power plant. This would eventually become the Craig Station.

    appropriate now, The town is beginning to change again.

    pet owners of the Craig Station decided to close the 1,285 megawatt, Three unit plant over a ten year effort. solution 3, precisely owned by Tri State, Will move by 2030.

    As the coal economy goes, So will nearly half of Moffat County’s gross home-based product, Peterson pointed out. It could affect services like clinical, Fire sectors, system and upkeep for neighborhoods and roadways.

    to be able to Ray Beck, an ancient Moffat County commissioner and mayor of Craig, The county’s biggest approach of obtaining revenue is property tax. Moffat County’s 2020 assessed value was nearly $430 million with 62% from the top 10 taxpayers, All energy related merchants.

    “We can’t cure that, Beck these.

    A scenario put together by the Moffat County assessor found that the financial crisis would only get worse as the plant’s three units shut down over time. depending on the forecast, In 10 years when the complete powerplant shuts down, It would take 65 Super Walmarts and 93 Hampton Inns to the assessed value, Beck stated.

    The loss of coal jobs in a community like Craig also will hurt small business owners whose customers are primarily coal workers and have disposable income, considered Jennifer Holloway, state director of the Craig Chamber of Commerce.

    That’s not so great for Gino’s Pizzeria, The West Twin Cinema and thunder Rolls Bowling Center.

    When discussion posts about the end of coal began, Many in the town were in denial and some thought your decision would waver with the political winds.

    But that hasn’t came about, And people are now facing the reality of the loss of their way of life.

    “We’re taking people who generationally have been taught perhaps the heroes in this story and suddenly they don’t differentiate between coal is bad and they are bad, told Sasha Nelson, Executive director of workforce education and economic development at Colorado Northwestern college in Craig. “That is the message that we’re sending to some degree and that’s a hard one for proud people, For hard professional, people who struggled, To be getting. And there’s lots of resistance and pushback.

  8. most current Coventry news updates from CoventryLive

    All the Coventry takeaways with the worst food hygiene ratings in 2021CoventryLatest list of all the takeaways in Coventry that scored between 0 2 after a visit from the Food Standards Agency12 British fugitives away from home chnlove review in Spain named on police’s Most Wanted listCrimeThe list includes murderers, Drug barons and arms dealers to the criminal underworldMan involved in murder after woman’s body found in Coventry flatStokeThe woman who died has been named as Marleen Doyle, Aged 32Warwick University epidemiologist predicts UK will have a ‘flu type’ relationship with CovidNadhim Zahawi MPHe says pandemic is ‘turning around’ following extremely mild Omicron waveThe average house price in Coventry and WarwickshireCoventryWe compare variances homes in Coventry and towns and villages across WarwickshireViolence and drugs offences among crimes at Coventry Railway StationBritish Transport PoliceDrugs, Violence and public order offences were among the crimes committed at Coventry Railway Station last year.Dream home on one of Coventry’s most coveted roadsDream HomeStretched across three storeys, The home has what you may needCoventry’s Belgrade Theatre brings back original sign from 1950sBelgrade TheatreThey said it was a “Sign of mastering the arabic language come”Update on Coventry stand off basic research after armed police surround home for five daysEarlsdonA 41 year old man had been taken into custodyCoventry man resorts to buying his own van to clear ‘disgusting’ city streets”I can’t live in this disgusting climate any longer,Coventry thug punched shop worker and exposed himself on drunken rampageCoventryLevi Cox, Of Delius freeway, tile Hill, Was jailed after admitting a string of offences in Leamington11 things we love about CoventryNostalgiaThere are many things to love about Coventry here are just a fewReview: Irish Cafe in Coventry serving up possibly the best breakfasts in the city Huge pancakes, Freshly baked soda bread and free coffee and tea refills are on the menuKasbah will be holding the ‘Ultimate Work Event’ in light of recent events in Downing StreetBoris JohnsonIn light of recent events at No10, Kasbah will be hosting the ‘The unmistakable Work Event’.

  9. A Daily Dispatch of love and Dating Advice

    I am really seeking. My boyfriend and i have already been together for almost six years now and we have a baby. We are generally pretty young (initial 20s). He is suffering from bipolar and I have my own issues. I have been pretty confused about whether I want to continue living in this relationship, As lately the right way to constant fighting (are a pattern). My boyfriend took it upon him or her self to delete one of my male friends off Snapchat (not too it matters, But I have been friends on and off with duty since we were kids).

    each time my boyfriend did that, We got into a huge fight and I told him that if he could not respect that it’s my phone, he could stay off of it. This morning and he was deleting another one guys from my Snapchat, Someone whom I have not yet even talk to on this app. It seems exactly what I get a male friend, He becomes super inferior.

    When I told him he crossed a boundary, He told me he does not feel bad and will do this again when it feels right. That’s why I went and changed my passcode on my phone. he does not know yet, And I can only imagine the fight it will start to when he discovers it. Can you tell me if I am in an untrustworthy?

    you’re not wrong about privacy, have confidence in, And his unhealthy desire to want to take control of your behavior. He shouldn’t prevent you having friends or mess with your phone without your permission. Feelings of envy are OK, But they shouldn’t result in him crossing clear border.

    I did have a bunch of questions about your life and romantic relationship.

    1. Is the avoiding behavior new? When achieved it start?

    2. How well does he know family? Does he embrace you having any other family relationships?

    3. How much are both of you sleeping? (I’m wondering how well you’re both communicating while you get used to having a baby.)

    4. Does anything good come of your fights? are you finding that you know how to have healthy conflict that results in good change?

    5. Are you both finding the help you would like to manage your mental health?

    My thought is that this is a big change (the infant), And that you will have as much guidance and support as possible. yet, I planning to defend his behavior; It sounds halting and immature. But it’s part of a bigger question about whether you are healthy parents together. You need to learn how to communicate about so many charmingdate complicated things. Please tell him you want to be in counseling together to talk about how the early stages of parenting have worked for both of you.

    so you see, it doesn’t matter if I think he’s wrong about the phone because he thinks he’s right. because turning this into a “who’ll win the argument” phone call, Make this about finding ways to be better at this. Then answer these uncertainties with him, In arsenic intoxication a professional.

    You know you won’t want to stay in the relationship as it is. That means you have to work to change it or work out how to be co parents instead of romantic partners.


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