Trump Spills The Beans: ‘General Mattis Did Not See This As A Problem. I DO…’

In Defense Secretary James Mattis’ resignation letter, he said he was leaving his post within the administration because he differed with President Trump on some key policy issues. The letter undoubtedly raised speculation as to what the policy differences were, as Mattis is highly respected by both Republicans and Democrats.

One immediate difference was the decision to pull the U.S. military presence in Syria— a decision which also resulted in the resignation of U.S. envoy to the coalition on defeating ISIS.

Now, thanks to a pair of tweets from Trump, everyone knows at least one other major difference.

“To those few Senators who think I don’t like or appreciate being allied with other countries, they are wrong, I DO. What I don’t like, however, is when many of these same countries take advantage of their friendship with the United States, both in Military Protection and Trade,” President Trump tweeted on Monday morning.

He continued: “We are substantially subsidizing the Militaries of many VERY rich countries all over the world, while at the same time these countries take total advantage of the U.S., and our TAXPAYERS, on Trade. General Mattis did not see this as a problem. I DO, and it is being fixed!”


From the Wall Street Journal:

Mattis quit on Thursday in a resignation letter that pointed to differences between himself and Trump and was tendered after he failed to temper White House plans to pull more than 2,000 U.S. troops out of Syria. A day later, Brett McGurk, the senior U.S. envoy to the international coalition fighting Islamic State, resigned as well.

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Irked by the response to Mattis’s resignation letter, which laid bare some of the core disagreements between the Pentagon chief and the Republican president, Trump expedited the defense secretary’s departure on Sunday.


Trump, long an opponent of overseas entanglements, said then that Islamic State in Syria had been defeated, drawing criticism from U.S. allies who disagreed.

Over the next several days, Trump and administration officials clarified that the U.S. and its allies had nearly defeated the extremist group’s territorial caliphate, but that work remained to be done elsewhere.

Similarly, USA Today reports: “Mattis and others also argued the decision to leave would make allies in Syria, mainly Kurdish fighters who have helped defeat ISIS, vulnerable to attack from Turkey. Trump’s allies have countered that the president promised during his campaign to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. Trump has said other nations should eradicate the remaining ISIS fighters.”

President Trump announced that Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, will be the Acting Secretary of Defense.



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