Thousands Came Out To Pay Respects To Cpl. Ronil Singh At His Funeral, Trump Called the Family

On Saturday, thousands came out to for the funeral of California police officer Cpl. Ronil Singh who was killed on December 26 after stopping an illegal alien for suspected DUI.

The 33 year old legal immigrant from Fiji who came to the country because of his dream to become a police officer was remembered as a hero.

From KTLA:

He “stood so much for what is right in our world and yet unfortunately was taken too soon from us by what is wrong in our world,” Modesto police Officer Jeff Harmon said at the service in a Modesto church.

He “probably more than anything else wanted to be home on Christmas night with his wife and his young son, but instead made a selfless choice to serve all of his community knowing that there are many more than just his own family that needed his protection that night.”

His alleged killer, illegal alien Gustavo Arriaga was later caught after several other illegal aliens including his brothers are accused of helping him try to escape back to Mexico.

Singh grew up in a Fijian farming town and emigrated to central California in 2003. He joined the 12-member Newman police department in 2011 after attending police academy and serving as a volunteer, animal control officer and code enforcement officer at other agencies in the region.

“He told me he came to this country with one purpose, and that purpose was to become a police officer,” Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson said. “He told me about all the pride he had in America, and how much it meant to get this opportunity.”

Singh served as a K-9 officer before being promoted to a corporal at the Newman police department. He earned a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice two years ago with the goal of becoming a sergeant, said his friend, Modesto police Detective Ra Pouv.

“Ronil and I are both immigrants to a country we truly love, and we both view serving our country and community through law enforcement as important to who we are,” said Pouv, who is from Cambodia. “It is our way of giving back to a country that embraced us and our family.”

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The Fijian ambassador was there. There was no sign of Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Dianne Feinstein or Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Democrats from California.

California AG Xavier Becerra reportedly was there.

According to the Washington Times, President Trump called the family and the local police on Thursday, speaking with Singh’s wife, Amanika Chad-Singh, Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson, and Sheriff Adam Christianson of Stanislaus County, California according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Trump “praised Officer Singh’s service to his fellow citizens, offered condolences, and commended law enforcement’s rapid investigation, response and apprehension of the suspect.”

Tunnel to Towers is fundraising to help pay off the family’s mortgage.