With Fox News Help, Mortgage Paid Off for Wife of Police Officer Murdered by Illegal

Newman police officer Corporal Ronil Singh was tragically shot and killed early on Dec. 26 while allegedly stopping illegal alien Gustavo Arriaga for a suspected DUI. Arriaga had a prior history of DUIs and was suspected of being a member of a gang.

7 other people were arrested over his attempt to evade arrest including two of his brothers. All seven were illegal aliens.

Not only did the story sharply bring out the problem of illegal immigration again, but it showed the sharp contrast between an immigrant doing everything right to be here – Ronil Singh – and Arriaga, doing everything wrong.

Singh came here with his family from Fiji with the desire to serve America, to become a police officer and worked hard to become a corporal. His story was the very essence of success and fulfilling the American dream, only to have it cruelly snatched from him.

He left behind a grieving family including his wife Mika Singh and a five month old son who will never know his father.

Thousands of people came out for his funeral and many mourned him on social media. President Donald Trump called his wife, the local police chief and the local sheriff on the case and offered his condolences and support.


And Fox News did something pretty beautiful in response to such an awful situation and it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.

Fox urged its viewers to help support Singh’s widow. They had on Frank Siller, CEO of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower’s Foundation. Stephen Siller was a firefighter who had been killed running into the World Trade Center trying to save people on 9/11. The foundation honors first responders who gave their lives. The foundation created a fund to help pay for Mika Singh’s mortgage.

And now Fox had Siller back on to report good news.

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From Conservative Tribune:

“It was right here on ‘Fox & Friends’ that the Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation pledged to raise $300,000 to help pay off the Singh’s family’s mortgage,” co-host Brian Kilmeade explained.

“Fox & Friends” then brought on Frank Siller, CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, to share the incredible news.

“Well, I’m very proud to announce, with the help of ‘Fox & Friends’ viewers and most certainly you guys here, that we not only reached the $300,000 to pay off the mortgage, because of the generosity of Americans that we went over that – we were able to give them an extra $50,000 for educational (needs) for the 5-month-old and it goes even beyond that,” Siller explained.

“Mika Singh, the widow, wanted to pass on her thanks to ‘Fox & Friends,’ to you personally, and to the viewers because they know without your help that this couldn’t happen,” Siller added. “She expressed such relief that she’s never going to have to worry about this mortgage again and that there’s other money to help her son.”

That’s a pretty wonderful thing.