New Poll: Support For Border Wall Has INCREASED, Republicans Shoulder More Blame

A majority of Americans now blame Republicans and President Trump for the longest shutdown in American history according to the results of a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post.

In the poll and as ABC News reports, 53 percent of people said Trump and company were mainly responsible for the shutdown. Ahead of the shutdown, the president said he would be willing to force the shutdown and accept ownership of it as he felt it was a necessary step to take for increased border security.

Twenty-nine percent blamed Senate Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not compromising to Trump’s request for border wall funding. Another 13 percent said both parties are at fault for the 22-day shutdown.

ABC News added:

Responsibility is assigned largely along party lines. But while 85 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of liberals mainly blamed Trump and the GOP for the partial shutdown, fewer Republicans (68 percent) or conservatives (50 percent) mainly blamed the Democrats in Congress. A third of conservatives said Trump and the congressional Republicans are at fault.

While blame for the shutdown is shared by both sides by those polled, support for the border wall has increased since January of last year.

“At the same time, support for a border wall has increased since the last time border security issues forced the parties into a standoff. Forty-two percent now support a wall, the most in ABC/Post polling since Trump first proposed it. Fifty-four percent are opposed.”

The 42 percent figure is up from 34 percent of people who supported a border wall last year. Opposition to the border wall has dropped from 63 percent to 54 percent.

Despite support for the wall increasing, most people who were polled said President Trump should not declare a national emergency to get funding for its construction, ABC News reports.

In a new CBS News/YouGov poll, people said they were mostly displeased with how Trump, congressional Republicans, and congressional Democrats were handling the shutdown.

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As CBS News reports, 35 percent of people polled said they approved of the way President Trump was handling the shutdown. Thirty-three percent of people polled said they approved of the way Democrats in Congress were handling the shutdown and only 21 percent of people approved the way congressional Republicans were handling it.

Interestingly, Trump scored the highest disapproval rating as 55 percent of people said they did not like the way he was handling it. This figure dropped to 46 percent for Democrats in Congress and 53 percent for Republicans in Congress, suggesting Republicans are shouldering more of the blame for the shutdown.

Here’s more, from CBS News:

Partisan splits are locked in: More than eight in ten Republicans approve of the president’s handling of the shutdown, while seven in ten Democrats approve of congressional Democrats’ handling.

Among all Americans, the president does draw relatively more of the blame for the shutdown in the first place: 47 percent blame the president and 30 percent blame the Democrats. Twenty percent blame the two, along with congressional Republicans, all equally. Independents are more apt to blame the president.


Two-thirds of Americans — 67 percent — oppose the idea of President Trump declaring a national emergency to pay for a wall if Congress doesn’t fund one. Most Republicans (75 percent) do favor this idea. Most of them also favor a wall and view the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border as a crisis.

Six in ten Americans (62 percent) are very or somewhat concerned about the shutdown’s impact on air travel and transportation, including 32 percent who are very concerned. Seventy-one percent are concerned about its impact on the economy, including 40 percent who are very concerned.