GOP Gov: ‘If You Don’t Have A Wall On The Border, Our Country Is Going To Collapse’

Former Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona said there is not enough emphasis being put on the importance of a border wall along the southern border.

As Democrat lawmakers continue to holdout funding, Breitbart News reports that Brewer said a border wall is a necessary component for a country and predicted the U.S. “is going to collapse” without one.

“I often used to say, a country without a secured border is like a house without walls, it collapses,” Brewer said during an interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight.

“You have to have your houses protected or it will collapse,” the former governor continued. “And if you don’t have a wall on the border, our country is going to collapse. It’s as simple as that. And it doesn’t seem to be something that’s very hard to understand.”

Brewer claimed that Democrats were advocating against a wall to carry out a plan to support open borders.

“The Democrats, the left-leaning liberal Democrats just want open borders. I think that’s very plain,” Brewer added.


The former governor was also critical of the federal government as a whole amid a government shutdown which has entered its 23-day, as Democratic lawmakers and President Trump have still not struck a deal.

“It is the federal government’s responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States,” Brewer continued via Breitbart. “And they haven’t done it and it’s about time they step up and do their job.”

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Brewer said the fight for increased border security has stretched “for a long time,” and that it was finally time for the federal government to fix illegal immigrant crossings.

“We’ve had a crisis for a long time. It’s ruining our country. Illegal immigration is wrong,” she added. “If I go to Mexico, I have to go through the Port of Entry, I have to show my ID … Mexico, Canada they all have these rules, but no we can’t do that because we have to be what, compassionate. Well, let’s show a little compassion for our fellow citizens.”

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Currently, the federal government has remained partially shut down as House Democrats block any funding for physical barriers at the U.S.-Mexico border. A handful of Senate Republicans, meanwhile, crafted a plan to give amnesty to illegal aliens that ultimately failed to gain traction.

President Donald Trump has said he is reviewing a plan to deem the border and illegal immigration a national emergency in order to fund a wall along the southern border.