Democrat Lawmaker Says Covington Teens Are To Blame For Incident, Gets SLAMMED & Immediately Deletes Tweet

New Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar chimed in on Tuesday evening about the incident this past weekend involving a group of Covington Catholic High School students and Native American political activists.

The incident was initially painted as the fault of the students, some of whom were wearing the red “Make America Great Again” caps. As more details began to develop, it was learned that Native American political activist Nathan Phillips was the one who approached the group of teenagers. He chanted a prayer and banged a drum inches from the face of one student, who stood still.

The Minnesota Democrat took to Twitter to re-paint the incident as the fault of the students.

Her now-deleted tweet read:

-The boys were protesting a woman’s right to choose & yelled “it’s not rape if you enjoy it”
-They were taunting 5 Black men before they surrounded Phillips and led racist chants

-Sandmann’s family hired a right wing PR firm to write his non-apology

Some people online said the congresswoman was several days late and certainly a dollar short.

“Wrong,” Breitbart’s Alana Mastrangelo responded.

“Oh yikes,” conservative pundit Allie Beth Stuckey added.

Director and producer Robby Starbucks also responded to Omar with a pair of tweets.

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