FLASHBACK: Dem Group Supported Ralph Northam With Ad Depicting Opponent As Racist In 2017

A racist yearbook photo of Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam has many people calling for his resignation, including many prominent members of his own party.

The photo, which features two men, one dressed in blackface and the other is in a KKK costume, is being widely criticized as racist.

From USA Today:

Within hours of a photo surfacing on Friday that showed Virginia’s Democratic governor in a photo showing two people dressed in blackface in Ku Klux Klan robes, a chorus calling for Ralph Northam to resign grew and spread across social media.

The photo was part of Northam’s 1984 yearbook during his last year at Eastern Virginia Medical School. A half-page with four photos of Northam included one of two people, one in a blackface costume and the other wearing a KKK robe.

Northam admitted he was in the photo and apologized, but did not detail which of the pictured individuals he was dressed up as.

Check it out:

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Responding to the controversy, Northam uploaded a video to his Twitter account where he apologized for the photo.

“I cannot change the decisions I made nor can I undo the harm my behavior caused then and today, but I accept responsibility for my past actions and I’m ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust,” he said in the video, as Politico reports.

The yearbook photo has some people remembering when the Latino Victory Fund, a Democratic group, ran a racist ad in 2017 in support of Northam against his then-gubernatorial opponent, Republican candidate Ed Gillespie.

From Daily Mail:

During his election campaign, Northam repeatedly labeled his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie as ‘racist’.

One campaign commercial, funded by the Latino Victor Fund SuperPAC, depicted a white man in a pickup truck with a Gillespie bumper sticker attempting to run down non-white children.

‘VA is an inclusive and diverse community—we won’t put up with Ed Gillespie’s racist rhetoric and fearmongering,’ Northam wrote in an October 2017 tweet.

As we reported in October and November of that year, the group released the ad which showed children, many of whom were minorities, running away from a truck which had a Confederate flag and a Gillispie campaign sticker.

Shortly after the commercial aired, it was pulled amid backlash for its controversial content, Fox News reported at the time:

A television ad depicting supporters of Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie as Confederates who attack children of color has been pulled in the wake of the terror attack in New York City.

The Democratic group Latino Victory Fund removed the controversial ad, which showed a pickup truck driver chasing down children of color on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

“We knew our ad would ruffle feathers. We held a mirror up to the Republican Party, and they don’t like what they see. We have decided to pull our ad at this time,” said Cristobal J. Alex, president of the LVF, in a statement on Twitter Tuesday evening.

“Given recent events, we will be placing other powerful ads into rotation that highlight the reasons we need to elect progressive leaders in Virginia.”

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the ad was a “new low”:

Watch the ad below:


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