Love THIS: 6th Grader Who Was Bullied For Trump Surname Is Heading To The SOTU

On Monday night, President Trump released a list of guests he has invited for his State of the Union speech.

According to the list, one more Trump will be attending the Tuesday night event: Joshua Trump.

While sharing no relation to the president, the 6th-grade student from Wilmington, Delaware has been repeatedly bullied because of his name.

“Unfortunately, Joshua has been bullied in school due to his last name. He is thankful to the First Lady and the Trump family for their support,” the White House list of invitees reads.

Joshua Trump/The White House

Here’s more on Trump, via Politico:

“When the teacher is like, ‘Joshua Trump, are you here?’ I’ll go, ‘Yes,’ and almost everybody will laugh, besides my friends,” Joshua told “Inside Edition” in an interview, before his invitation was announced.

Joshua’s parents tried to briefly home-school their child and then enrolled him in another school, but the bullying continued. The abuse was so bad, “Inside Edition” reported, that teachers decided to not use Joshua’s last name at all. He is now considering changing his name.

The White House, in a news release on Monday, says Joshua likes science, art and history. His hero and best friend is his uncle Cody, who serves in the U.S. Air Force.

The White House said their list of invitees “come from all different walks of life” and “represent the very best of America.”

“Each has an incredible story to tell,” the White House added.

The list of guests includes surviving family members of Gerald and Sharon David of Reno, Nevada, who were killed by an illegal immigrant earlier this year.

“Also invited is Alice Marie Johnson, who was granted clemency by President Trump on a life sentence related to a nonviolent drug offense after reality star Kim Kardashian personally lobbied on behalf of her,” NBC News reports.

And, “Other guests include a survivor of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting and a police SWAT team member injured during that tragedy. Judah Samet is a member of the Pittsburgh synagogue who was also a survivor of the Holocaust. Officer Timothy Matson was shot multiple times while responding to the mass shooting.”

The White House has a full description of each State of the Union special guest here.

Here’s a couple:

Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong

Gerald and Sharon David of Reno, Nevada, were tragically murdered in their home in Nevada by an illegal immigrant in January 2019. The terrible loss has devastated both their community and three generations of their family who will be represented at the State of the Union: the Davids’ daughter Debra, granddaughter Heather, and great-granddaughter Madison.

Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong/The White House

Matthew Charles

Matthew Charles’s life is a story of redemption. In 1996, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for selling crack cocaine and other related offenses. While in prison, Matthew found God, completed more than 30 bible studies, became a law clerk, taught GED classes, and mentored fellow inmates. On January 3, 2019, Matthew was the first prisoner released as a result of the First Step Act.

Matthew Charles/The White House

Timothy Matson

Timothy Matson joined the Pittsburgh Police Department in 2005 and made the SWAT team in 2016. As a key member of the SWAT team, he would breach the entrance during raids, a very dangerous task. In October 2018, Tim responded to the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and saved countless lives in that heinous, anti-Semitic attack.

Timothy Matson/The White House

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