Nice Gesture Gals…Last Night, Leftist Congresswomen Dressed Themselves In Purity’s White To Honor Suffragists Of Old…

Democratic women pay homage to the suffragette movement at the SOTU

Nice gesture, gals 😉 Last night, leftist congresswomen dressed themselves in purity’s white to honor suffragists of old.

Unwittingly, though, and perhaps providentially, after supporting atrocious efforts to sanction snuffing the life out of our most vulnerable and pure little sisters, this pro-abortion contingency was actually paying homage to the loving, selfless women upon whom shoulders I and other real feminists stand.

The honorable suffrage movement was led by the most pro-life women of their time. Suffragists knew we’d only achieve equality when ALL persons were counted – equally; when ALL persons’ rights were protected. ALL persons… no matter how small.

Hate to break it to some of the newbies in white, but if they study history they’ll see the pro-women movement to which we owe so much was about codifying respect for personhood. Recognizing the sanctity of life was foundational.

Doesn’t take much to research our foremothers whom these politicians rightfully suggest should be emulated. I’ll make it easy by reminding them of the most prominent suffrage movement leaders: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Even easier, go to Feminists for Life

Thank you, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY and your ilk, for allowing this needed schooling.

– Sarah Palin


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