Dan Crenshaw Puts Beto O’Rourke In Hot Seat With 1 Important Border Wall Question

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw wants Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to answer one question on immigration and the border wall.

On Monday night, O’Rourke held a rally in El Paso, Texas in opposition to one held by President Trump. While Trump championed the construction of a new border wall, O’Rourke said it’s time to “show the country that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“The judgment of history is looking back at this moment,” O’Rourke added.

“Walls do not save lives, walls end lives,” he also said.

In comes Crenshaw…

“[O’Rourke] should answer a simple question tonight with respect to the border wall debate,” Crenshaw said in a tweet. “If you could snap your fingers and make El Paso’s border wall disappear, would you?”

“This DHS graph shows that when the wall was built, illegal crossings dropped significantly,” the congressman added.

From the Daily Caller:

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O’Rourke has long argued against a border wall. Following President Donald Trump’s executive order in September to erect an 18-foot steel bollard wall to replace the existing pedestrian fencing in El Paso, he called the existing chain-link fence “bad enough.”

The failed senatorial candidate has emphasized that the way to improve safety and security is to “ensure that we are maximizing the potential from everyone … [and] treating each other with respect and dignity,” and referred to Trump’s request to fund a wall an “expression of our smallness, our meanness, our fear to the rest of the world.”


O’Rourke, who has claimed to oppose open borders, has faced backlash for refusing to clarify where he stood on the migrant caravan that was heading toward the U.S. O’Rourke dodged commenting on the topic despite immigration and border security overwhelmingly being the top issues for voters in Texas during his unsuccessful run to unseat Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in November.

He also raised eyebrows in December when he blamed a border wall as the reason for why an increasing number of migrants have died as they illegally attempt to cross into the country.