‘This Is Garbage’: Some Conservatives Are Slamming New Border Wall Bill After New Details Emerge

Some conservatives have taken to social media to speak out against a border wall compromise bill which is expected to head to President Trump’s desk.

The bill was announced after lawmakers from both sides of the aisle negotiated its contents with neither side entirely winning.

Trump and conservatives do get some border wall funding, but not the $5.7 billion they were calling for.

Democrats increase Catch and Release policies by reducing the capabilities of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain immigrants, but have to concede border wall funding.

While lawmakers on both sides of the aisle champion the bill’s passage and it is expected to clear both chambers of Congress, Trump has expressed his own hesitations with it.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has joined a small chorus of conservative dissenters who simply want more time to read the lengthy, packaged compromise.

“I want to make sure we have enough time to thoroughly read the bill,” McCarthy said, as the Hill reports. “Why would anybody say they are voting for something they have not read yet?”

“I don’t think the president should assure anything until he reads the bill. That’s why you haven’t heard from me … until I see the language, until I know what’s inside it,” McCarthy added.

Here’s more:

Earlier Wednesday, McCarthy’s deputy, Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), said that he, too, needed to see more specifics before pledging to vote for the spending package.

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“I want to see the text. Obviously they haven’t finished writing the language and there are some final details being worked out and those details matter,” Scalise told The Hill.

The House is set to vote on the package Thursday evening, the day before the congressional deadline to send a funding deal to Trump.

Republican Congressman Tom Graves similarly said he needed more time to work through the bill before Thursday’s vote:

“I’m not gonna sugar coat it, if [Trump] takes this sham border deal from the Democrats, he loses in 2020 and we ALL lose for years to come,” conservative Tomi Lahren wrote on Wednesday.

Chairman of Trump Students Ryan Fournier added: “$1.4 billion? That was the best deal these people could come up with? Absolutely ridiculous. Give the President the $5.7 billion.”

Besides insufficient border wall funding, a point of contention for conservatives is the reduced number of beds that ICE is able to use to detain immigrants.

With fewer beds, ICE facilities will be forced to release detained immigrants back into local communities.

Here are some highlights of the border wall funding deal from One America News Network’s Ryan James Girdusky:

Here’s how some other people responded to the bill: