‘That Defies Common Sense’: Jim Jordan Shuts Down Host Who Suggests Drugs Aren’t Traveling Over Border Illegally

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan appeared on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday to discuss the border situation and President Trump’s national emergency declaration with co-anchor Martha Raddatz.

The conversation opened up with the host asking about the constitutionality of the declaration and whether Trump was right about declaring the current immigration situation a “crisis.”

Jordan responded, via ABC News:

Martha, this is an emergency. I mean, what are we on now? The fifth caravan? So, I would just ask those senators how many caravans do we need? Six or seven or does an endless caravan, the one that never stops?

What do we have just a few weeks ago, a drug bust that was enough Fentanyl to kill 57 million Americans. What do we need, 58 million, 59 million Americans, enough Fentanyl to kill that many? So, you tell me. I think it’s an emergency.

What I also think is interesting is those republicans who are criticizing the president for wanting to do this executive order are the same kind of Republicans who just a year ago didn’t want us to debate and push for the wall funding when we had the majority in both the House and the Senate. Back after Chuck Schumer had shut down the government, because he said amnesty was more important than funding the government, and we had the big omnibus spending bill, that’s when we should have done this. So I think it’s kind of interesting, those same Republicans who were against fighting for it back then are the same ones who are criticizing the president now for his executive order.

The two then began to discuss the border situation and drugs that are illegally carried across the border.

The ABC News host cited a pair of immigration statistics and seemed to suggest that drugs only come through ports of entries.

The Republican congressman responded, “This defies common sense.”

Here’s a transcript, provided via ABC News:

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JORDAN: Congress did – they rejected more money but they gave some for it. The point is, there is money that he can use that doesn’t require an executive order. He’s going to use that then he’s also going to do the emergency declaration. It’ll go to court, Martha. And we’ll see what the court says. All I know is, this is a serious situation, this is a crisis. Look at the drug problem, the human trafficking problem, the gang violence problem; that’s why we need the border security wall and that’s what the president is committed to making sure happens.

RADDATZ: OK, you say this is an emergency, the president says this is an emergency, but illegal border crossings, as we have said on this program, are near a 40-year low. The DEA recently said the majority of heroine from across the southern border comes from legal ports of entry, as did the fentanyl bust you just talked about. That was in Arizona …

JORDAN: Martha, come on. Come on …

RADDATZ: Don’t the figures …

JORDAN: So you don’t think drugs are coming across where there aren’t border patrol agents?

RADDATZ: I – I am …

JORDAN: They’re only trying to get drugs through where there are agents to stop it? Come on, that – that defies common sense. This is why we need the wall …

RADDATZ: I am reading government statistics here, Congressman, so don’t these figures undermine the claim that this is an emergency? There is no doubt drugs are coming over …