Pelosi Calls Vote To STOP Trump Right In His Tracks On Securing The Border

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues are looking to hold a vote on Tuesday which will end President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

The legislative effort would also prevent Trump from using additional funds to construct a new border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

As ABC News reports, Pelosi told a group of reporters that Trump’s “power grab usurps” Congress and its constitutional role in writing and passing laws of the country. Trump’s action, she said, “fundamentally violates the balance of power envisioned by our founders.”

“We would be delinquent in our duties if we did not resist, if we did not fight back to overturn the President’s declaration. To not do that would be to abandon our own responsibilities. We do not intend to do that,” Pelosi added. “What the President is saying about the border is mythology. It’s not reality, but this is not about the wall. Whatever you think about the wall, think about the Constitution of the United States.”

President Trump declared the national emergency after Pelosi and House Democrats failed to provide $5.7 billion for construction of a new border wall. Trump said the border issue was a larger emergency than what Congress was responding to.

“We do have an emergency,” Trump said on Monday during a meeting with governors. “We have an emergency of people pouring into our country that we don’t want — criminals, smugglers. We have drugs pouring into our country. We can’t have it.”

According to the report, Democrats are not sold on the border emergency and are looking to reverse Trump’s declaration. Only one Republican is supporting this effort:

“There is no crisis at the border,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., insisted. “The issue [Tuesday] will be whether there is a crisis of our constitutional adherence, whether there is a crisis because there is a lack of conscience and courage among the members of the House of Representatives and subsequently the United States Senate to stand up for what the Founding Fathers wanted. They did not want King George.”

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The resolution to terminate the national emergency is expected to pass the House before the Senate considers the measure in the coming weeks.

The showdown sets up a potential presidential veto if the measure clears both chambers. So far there doesn’t seem to be enough support on Capitol Hill — two-thirds majorities in both chambers — to override a veto.

Just one House Republican — Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan — has co-sponsored the resolution of termination, while only a handful of Senate Republicans have expressed concern over the president’s use of executive action to divert money to pay for the wall.