Dan Crenshaw EXPOSES Dems On New Gun Bill Without ANY Hesitation

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw said there’s a lot more to the new Democratic effort to pass gun regulation than those same Democrats are telling the public. The new Bipartisan Background Checks Act overreaches into the lives of gun-owning Americans, Crenshaw said in a video uploaded on his Twitter account.

Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are championing the bill as “universal background checks,” just like everyone supports. Except, Crenshaw said there is a lot more to the bill than what Democrats are willing to admit.

Check it out, from Twitchy:

Now, who would oppose universal background checks? To paraphrase Speaker Nancy Pelosi, you have to read the bill to find out what’s in it. This statement from Rep. Dan Crenshaw on universal background checks could have been delivered from behind a podium, but instead, he delivered it while walking down the hallway holding a cup of coffee.

This video is only 1:35 but there’s not a second wasted.

In the video, Crenshaw explains a hypothetical situation where a guy who owns a gun leaves his home. If his wife uses the gun to protect herself (or her belongings, or her children!) she is a felon under the new law.

Listen to Crenshaw and notice not for one second does he hesitate in ripping the Democratic bill apart:

As Twitchy reports, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act passed with overwhelming Democratic support by a vote of 240 to 190.

People loved Crenshaw’s breakdown:

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